How wonderful, is my Saviour’s love

Thank you for the wonderful people you have brought to me. Thank you for the wonderful things that have happened. Life is so fragile. Relationships are so precious. We should never take these for granted. I was meditating and telling myself how nice things are now.

I pray for my health, my body and my being to be able to function properly because without it, I cannot even take care of my children and I cannot work too. I pray for my childrens’ well-being, their studies, their friends, their teachers, their joy, their innocence. I pray for financial breakthrough that God is a god of more than enough. He will take care of our needs, our coming in and going forth. I pray for my close friends who care, whom I do not chat often but will from time to time check in for status updates. I pray for heart to heart chats with Han, for trashing out sessions that we brainstorm but will never attack each other, instead tackle the problems. I pray for my future, that God’s will be done whether he wants me to go, even uprooting myself and my two children, I must be ready and willing. I pray for our mommies, my grandmother for happiness and good health. My grandma dotes on us so much. May God bless her and give her many more years to smile and be happy in life. Grant them strength, heal their bodies and give them vitality and purpose in life.

There are so many things to pray for, one hour just went by without warning.

Life is so blessed. I dare not take any of these for granted. I stand in awe. So amazed. 

Thank you Jesus for being so great. How marvellous, how wonderful, is my Saviour’s love for me.