Back in action

I am finally back. This time, will be posting on my baking and cooking mostly. Cooking is quite time consuming and not necessarily cheaper (premium ingredients and larger cut of fish etc), but I enjoyed preparing meals for my family and hear my girls telling me "mommy, good job". What's important for homecook food is there is no msg in the cooking, clean oil, no artificial colourings, minimal processed meat (I don't really let my kids eat hotdogs and nuggets) and fresh ingredients.

So far, 2018 has been great. Found my new love, she is called Zumba. I love zumba so much, until both my kids caught the fever too. I zumba while cooking and even with them during meals.

Ever since my girl started Primary One this year, I realised that breakfast and dinner are important meals for her because I don't know what kind of junk she eats at recess. She sometimes don't eat (perhaps to save the money to buy fanciful erasers or stationery).

Which means, I have to wake up earlier to make breakfast and persuade her to eat, even to the extend of feeding her. This morning, I made oats for everyone. I had mine with milk, honey, raisins, sunflower seeds and almond nuts and brought it to my workplace. You can add yours with chiaseed and flaxseed as well.

Apart from boring Gardenia bread with butter and kaya, some other breakfast ideas I did previously (but I had a helper) were:

  • Chwee Kueh
  • Radish Cake
  • Pancakes
  • French Toast

I will slowly try to do once a week for the children and to get into the hang of baking again after almost 1.5 years of hiatus.

My elder girl had a terrible time of adapting and coping in school for the first two weeks. But I do understand because she has to manage a new family, new neighbourhood, new house, new school, new friends and new routine. (Yes, everything is new and we have started our lives afresh all over again.) My patience was tested to the max yet I tell myself I have to be understanding and calm during this time. 

I am also very tired because I have to rush after work to pick G from school and then cook dinner. Leaving me with very little time to coach her and check her homework.  After she sleeps, i have to do the laundry and cleaning before hubby comes back from work.

And weekends are not spared too. I cook everyday for lunch and dinner and I bake occasionally as well. I am not complaining though because the children offer their help to wash the vegetables, to wash the rice, to wash the dishes (yes I allowed them) and hubby also helped me with other chores. 

The green wormy thing is wasabi

Cold Soba and Steamed Corn with Salted Butter

Have a blessed January.
Will be back to blog more. I am attempting my next challenge; my favourite Oyster Omelete soon.