Peak into my life

I am on break now until the end of the year. It's a time to give thanks and have some time to reflect on what has happened this year, how I have survived since May 2018 when I started my course. I managed to get all As and Bs for my grades and am halfway through the course.

A typical schooling day will look like this... (weekday)

6.30 am - wake up and get ready the children
6.55 am - breakfast
7.15 am - send both children out of the house
7.30 am - G must reach school
7.45 am - E in school
8.45 am - I reach school and study in the library
9.30 am - Lesson starts
5.00 pm - Lesson ends
6.00 pm - Fetch children
7.00 pm - Dinner ready
between this time, children eat their food, Sometimes I do laundry, wash (part of) the dishes, pots, kitchen etc.
8.00 pm - Me in children's room to tuck them to bed (stories, catching up - I even don't have time to check G's homework) 
8.45 pm - Lights out for children
9.30 pm thereabout - Children asleep
9.45 pm - continue what is not done yet (pack E's schoolbag, sweep the floor, start doing my assignment, spend some time to catch up with hubby)
11.30 pm - usually around this time, it is ME time or if I am too tired, then I go to sleep.

I don't really remember what time is my bedtime.

A typical working day will look like this...(weekday)

6.00 am - wake up
6.55 am - children and me out of the house (might just grab bread and eat along the way, no time to eat at home)
7.05 am - E has to reach school first
7.20 am - G will reach school
7.30 am - is my reporting time at work
4.30 pm - end work.
5.00 pm - Fetch both G and E
5.30 pm - Prepare dinner
6.30 pm - Dinner time
7.30 pm - Time with children
8.15 pm - lights out
9.30 pm - laundry, washing dishes, household chores, grocery time etc
10.15 pm - read textbooks, do assignment, doing work from home
11.30 pm - get ready for bedtime

A typical weekend will look like this..

7.00 am - children wake up (ya, they are used to waking up at this time and once they are awake, mommy has to wake up too)
7.45 am - breakfast
8.15 am - sweep and mop, wash toilets, laundry, grocery shopping
11 am - ready to cook lunch
12 noon - lunch
1 pm - children's screentime (tv or videos for them while I catchup on my homework)
3 pm - tea break (cut fruits, yogurt, jelly etc)
5 pm - outdoor play
6 pm - dinner
7.30 pm - settle for bedtime (if they do not have any naps)

Many times, I was still rushing for my assignments after midnight. In order to get a B grade for group assignments means that I have to work extra hard to cater for classmates who don't really  bother about the grades. You know, alot of them are just satisfied with a pass. So, I have to be the one to work that extra. I don't really mind cos I benefit from all that reading, doing, learning at the end of the day.

I think sometimes I prefer to do my assignments rather than spend meaningless time quarrelling over pointless arguments that get us nowhere. I already have many things on my plate. I really don't want to be bothered with the petty things in life anymore.

I also need to put myself as priority and as what my lecturer told me, I must take care of myself first of all. And I should really stop and pause for a while, instead of being like 10 persons in one body, doing everything on my own, everytime, all the time.

Life is not easy and people are not easy to deal with at times. But life goes on and I take it with a positive stride, as best as I can. I am trying every single day to be better and happier.

I think that God is fair and He is good to me. I have good grades, nice classmates in school, wonderful children around me, a home that I call my own, time to surf the net a little, time to watch sermons online, do my reflection and a little online shopping to de-stress, friends with more than 20 years still keeping in touch with me, able to eat whatever I like... I am grateful for all these.

I have some and I lose some. That's how life is supposed to be. Let go and let loose. Think positively. I guess that's how I have been coping.

I haven't got any rashes / flares from my eczema. I think what's happening now is not worse than what happened to me 2-3 years ago. Either that, I have learnt to take things easier and cope better.

With #3 coming soon, I know life will be busier. But it will get better. It has to be. I plan to include Zumba back into my life again... end of next year.

Merry Christmas my ezcema warriors and everyone. Hang in there. Things will be better next year.