28 February 2012

Gratitude 3 : 1 hour quick catch up

I met up with my poly friend, Penny for salad. She recommended me this place behind Standard Chartered Bank at Raffles Place (previously O'Brien's).

It is called The Salad Shop. We had to fill in our own ingredients first then pay at the counter.

It was my first time. I don't know what to choose -_-||

Then we waited for them to prepare our salads.

Penny's salad looks very nice ($8+)

 Mine so odd looking. It's a mistake; too much carbo!
I ordered this with clam chowder soup ($10+)

We had a good time catching up and having h2h talk. I love meeting friends for quick lunches nowadays :))

15 February 2012

Happy Vday 2012

Hb did a sweet thing for me on valentines' day. I didn't even know about it until Jo and Fen told me to go look at my fb. Then Carole smsed me to say that my fb has been hacked and go check it out.

I was thinking to myself since he is nice to have compliment me until this extent, bo flowers also okay lah.

But then to my surprise... there is a small bouquet for me :) It arrived late though - - almost 10 pm when it's time to go to bed. Thanks hubby for all that he has done.

How was your Valentine's Day?

We normally don't celebrate this day. I just make it a point not to quarrel on this day and enjoy quality time together that's all. No expensive dinners too. We ate at TPY before fetching baby back home.

Would like to end off with my cutie.

Happy Valentines' Day to All. 
Whether you are single or married, most importantly, BE HAPPY :)

05 February 2012

Review: Wheat Baumkuchen

Block 190 Lorong 6, #01-530 Toa Payoh
Tel: 6356 5529
Biz hrs: Daily 9am-9pm. Closed on PH

Black pepper chicken w green soba noodles

mince pork with normal cold noodles

I am not a fan of cold noodles all along (not even soba noodles fr Japanese restaurants) and was rather apprehensive when I was nudged to try this. But it turned out to be a pleasant surprise. The noodles are very fresh and appetizing on top of the nice presentation. This is a healthy choice too. The price is affordable  ranging from $5+ to $6+ per serving.

I am very satisfied with their service and cleanliness (they've got A for the grading). Will be going back for more.