18 October 2016

PPO Obtained and Granted by Court Against him

I just wanted to update that I have been drained lately. I am going to Court, appearing at mentions and also need to provide documentation regarding my PPO (Personal Protection Order) against my ex-hubby. There is family violence at home during this trying period and I needed to protect the children.

Each judge is different and many times, i feel it is based on luck if you meet a judge that is in your favour. I had one male (non chinese) judge who asked me "are you sure what you have written down here are all true?", as if doubting me. And I have also met a female judge who would say things like "don't worry, even non-physical violence, you can explain and tell your side of the story how he was emotionally and verbally violent".

I am also not hesitating to get PPO for myself if he hits me again. He hit me once last week and we got into a small tussle. I don't have a lawyer to represent me for the PPO cases. My lawyer is strictly only assisting in my divorce matters, hence it is so exhausting.

I just find all of these tiring and wasting of alot of time and energy amist the divorce proceedings. I also have to work full time and take care of the children and also my maid. Maids are frequently a vomit blood issue but we need their help too. Such a dilemma.

On my ezcema, I ate frog porridge previously and it took me close to a month to get better. The skin around my elbows were affected so I had to wear long sleeves now to cover.

Back to strict diet again.

14 September 2016

TSW - 14 months

I went on a buffet with my family and guess what? I ate 3 prawns and half a dozen of raw oysters. I was ok. Shocking right?

But on another occasion, I took a few pieces of homemade french fries and I flared up for a week. My front of the elbows, my legs and back of my knees are still red and itchy.

I have been eating my sulphur pills for the past one week but I am not sure whether it is helping.

Another factor could also be because I have been putting Lemongrass essential oil on my clothing (to ward off mosquitoes) and I guess I am sensitive to it. When the oil rubbed against my skin, it became very itchy and red.

There is also one time, my grandma cooked duck soup and I itched really bad that night. I scratched till I bleed and I didn't even realised that.

Generally, I am still doing fine. Currently going through my divorce and hopefully we can settle things amicably.

I am really quite tired almost everyday, settling the kids to bed, managing the maid and also doing all the groceries and toiletries and diaper shopping on my own if I am not doing OT at work.

14 July 2016

TSW - 1 year old

That's me and my parents, with my sis and her boy and my two girls in Batam. We had a great time of 4D3N stay. I think shopping there is wonderful. I spent quite a bit on baking items at Tunas Maju. I also did 1.5 hours of foot reflexology at SG$28. I will definitely like to go there again.
I am 1 year into my TSW and so far things are okay. Nothing that I cannot cope. Occasional outbreak are minor and within control. I guess this will be the end of my TSW update. I am concentrating more on my girls and also myself. I have plans to further study and upgrade myself too next year. Need to pray for financial stability and also squeeze time to be with my girls as much as I can.
Many people encouraged me to remarry and find someone else. Well, for now, I just want to concentrate on getting my own flat, study (perhaps) and spend time with my girls. The rest will have to wait. I am blessed that many people are concerned about me. I am really happy now, really. This is one of the best decision that I have made for myself. Since Dec until now, I have not shed a single tear about my decision. I am not looking back but enjoying everyday and every moment.
August is coming. I will be busy with my daughter's birthday party (everything will be handmade and homemade) and my mom's birthday in August too.
Till then, take care.

15 June 2016

TSW - Month 11

Time flies. I am at month 11 of my TSW journey and I have also worked full time for 3 months. I do miss time away from my children very much, though the everyday routine of waking, getting ready for school, sending them to school, rushing to work, rushing back from work, having dinner with them, tucking them to bed by 9 pm is very hectic. This is such a dilemma. Lol.

I wished that I can do so much more hands-on learning with the younger girl, just like how I did with my elder one. But I am glad that both of them are doing fine in school, eating well, socialising fine and growing healthily.

A few days ago, I just ate 3 of my homemade chocolate cupcakes and on another occasion, I ate durians. I am surprised that I was fine. Very minimal itch and didn’t really bother me, though I popped 4 pellets of sulphur pills.

I have also stopped soaking in dead sea salt (they are costly!) and eating a wider range of food now. I still avoid tomatoes, potatoes and mushrooms and all nightshades vegetables. That means food that is stir-fried together with these vegetables, I avoid too.

Here’s some pics of my lunch that I brought to work.

This is me in my office. I am usually few of the earliest to reach (yes, despite having to send kids to school sometimes). Took some selfies since no one was around. You can see the big improvements on my legs. The rest of my body seems fine for now. *cross fingers*
I will be away on a getaway trip with my parents, my sis and her kids and my children. Till then, take care.