17 December 2015

TSW Month 5

Hi guys, I am back.

And doing fine. I am still soaking dead sea salt crystals in very warm water daily and I am still on moisturiser withdrawal.

I have started eating toufu and soya sauce seasoning in my food. So far I am doing fine.

I was brave one day and I took half a prawn and also 5 chocolate cookies with nuts (almond, macadamia, hazelnut) and I itch very badly. I scratched without reservations the whole night. But I got well after 2 days. Then I became obedient again and stayed away from forbidden food.

I also stopped juicing now and so far so good.

I was able to go out for a job interview and nobody knew I was going through TSW. How wonderful!

19 November 2015

TSW Month 4

Recently, a member in the Ezcema group mentioned about moisturiser withdrawal (MW). And so I read up more on it. It seems that there are alot of people who did MW with TSW.

They explained it so well, so I am just going to link them here.


I used to moisturise like every 2 hourly in the day. Yesterday I tried to only moisturize once lightly with coconut oil. And true indeed, my skin feels very very dry and tight, almost felt being torn apart. I was in pain especially in my arms, hands, calves and feet.

So whatever the doctors said I didn't follow in the end...
Dr Chiam said 1. Don't scratch 2. Moisturise the moment you feel itchy 3. Take immunosuppressant.

I scratched very lightly to soothe the itch somewhat and at the same time not break the skin, I reduced moisturising to a very large extend and will try it for 1 month and see the progress and I have stopped all steriods and immunosuppressant since August 2015.

I may also reduce juicing to once a day. Currently, this is my timetable for month 4.

8.30 am - dead sea salt soak
9 am - cut fruits or a slice of bread and supplements (milk thistle, magnesium chlorate, probiotics)
11 am - lunch and tcm medicine
3 pm - cut fruits
6 pm - dinner and vegetable juice with chlorella powder, fish oil)
8 pm - Atarax (antihistamine pills)
9 pm - dead sea salt soak
9.30 pm - tcm medicine

Plenty of apple cider vinegar water and alkaline water throughout the day.

Benefits of magnesium
Benefits of chlorella
Benefits of milk thistle
Benefits of fish oil

Today, I am 2.5 weeks into my MW days. I am very very happy with my progress. I even dared to eat prawn the other day! My foot was my most severely affected area...

20 October 2015

TSW Month 3

I had a roller coaster ride in my third month.

I stayed at my friend's house with my #1 at Pasir Ris for close to 3 weeks, my #2 at my mom's place, then I moved to my mom's place cos I miss my baby so much, then finally back to my own place at Toa Payoh with both kids. But I had a flare and now my #2 is with my mom again.

My friend made me a special blend to soak myself in the tub. Ginger, tumeric, chilli padi, celery, garlic and onion blend together, add coconut oil and her homemade oil and put them in a warm water tub. I soak in this daily for 30 to 45 minutes.

I am not exactly sure if it helps but it does help to soothe the itch somewhat. So I just religiously soaked in it.
I also learnt that I am unable to take tomatoes. She made tomato sauce with organic ingredients but I still wasn't able to take it. Then one day, when I was looking good, we went out to Sakae Sushi for dinner. I flared up terribly that night. I took unagi set without sauce and two slices of sashimi. It was hellish. I could only sleep 30 mins the entire night even with 3 atarax pills.

Anyway, this is how I looked like after I reached my mom's place. However that evening, she cooked soup and very plain vegetable dishes but I still flared up. I traced back and realised that I could not take the red dates and huai san in the soup.

List of forbidden foods (thus far):
  1. Mushroom
  2. Corn
  3. Tomato
  4. Wolfberry
  5. Red Dates
  6. Sashimi
  7. Unagi
Mushroom was the worst. I felt like killing myself to end my misery then.

Then, on 17 October, my teacher was ill and I had to run the lesson for two classes. Too much movement and too much walking and standing. I waited for 30 mins for a taxi. And it was not good.

I was in bad shape. Oozing non stop for more than 10 hours and I was in pain. I realised that I wasn't able to stand up and I had to be carried to the toilet. My mom nagged at me to see a doctor. And I went downstairs to see a GP and asked for Foban (antibiotic cream) and Augmentin (antibiotic pill) and nothing else.

Took 3 atarax and thankfully, I could still sleep 2 to 3 hours at night.

My oozing continued from 17 October till 28 October, non stop, round 24 hours. The dead sea salt that I was soaking twice to 3 times a day did helped to cease the ooze much. It made me feel relaxed after every soak. I previously used Epsom Salt and Himalayan Salt but I felt a difference with this dead sea salt. This is me soaking in a toyogo box. I usually soak 30 minutes each time.

21 September 2015

TSW Month 2

Yesterday, my helper put some potatoes into the soup. I didn't eat the potatoes but I still itch horribly. Even with such a strict diet, I am already itching. The potatoes just make me much worse. I scratched uncontrollably even with my hands and legs bandaged up at night.

The healing of 3 good days are discounted and I am backwards by 3 days again. I powdered my hands up with talc to stop the oozing.

I hope I have reached the peak of the worst of tsw. I feel terrible that even my scalp is oozing. The itch is so terrible and horrible that even holding onto ice cubes doesn't help a single bit.

I took 3 Atarax but I still couldn't sleep from 10 pm to 7 am. I was literally scratching away and I swear.... nothing helps.

My diet is very very strict and I have lost alot of weight. My weight before tsw was 54 kg. I am now 47 kg. Lost 7 kg within 1.5 months.