16 May 2016

TSW Month 10

At times, I am not sure what I ate or what I do. I get weird rashes and itch out of a sudden on my arm and my body. It is quite puzzling. But I am not too worried, cos it can never be as bad as 10 months ago.

Yes, I am already 10 months into TSW, 2 months into my new job. Though there are ups and downs in my job, life is going on well for me.

I managed to readjust my younger girl's bedtime earlier. She is asleep by 8 pm every night, which is good news for me because the later she sleeps, the earlier she wakes and the crankier she is throughout the night.

When my younger one sleeps earlier, I tuck my elder one to bed earlier too. She sleeps by 9.30 pm and that gives me more me-time for myself before I tune into bed.

Anyway, I am spending more alone time with both children nowadays ("officially") and kinda getting used to being a single parent on weekends. I brought them to Rise and Shine event at Marina Square on Saturday. We spent 5 hours there.

Not a very clear pic though. Here we are :) 

20 April 2016

TSW - Month 9

I have started work since last month as a secretary. Everything is going on well. Mostly, I pack my lunch from home so that my diet is still controlled. I find that diet placed a big part on the ezcema healing process.

The forbidden food thus far (even sauces):

  • potatoes
  • tomatoes
  • mushrooms
  • all seafood (excluding certain fish)
  • chocolates
  • lady's finger
  • eggplant
  • sweet desserts (homemade ones are fine, cos I control the sugar amount)
  • preservatives
  • processed food like hotdogs, nuggets
  • artificial colouring

I just bought 4 bottles of sulphur from iherb again. I find that it is a good natural form of anti-histamine. If I accidentally eat the wrong food, I immediately pop 4 pellets down. Each bottle is less than $10.

If you are new to buying from iherb (which ships internationally), you can use my coupon code SIH921 upon checkout, to enjoy $5 off your first order.

my current conditon in April
The rest of my body and face is completely fine now. I could even go into the pool with my daughters.

On a personal note, my relationship with him has come to an end (since Dec 2015). I finally decided to end myself from the destructive and abusive relationship. I decided to get out. I decided to set things right. That's the kindest thing that I will do to myself and as an example for my children.

Moreover, I had also filed a police report and plan (anytime) to get a PPO against him. We are cordial and still staying under the same roof until the flat can be sold.

I have never felt more set free, calm and peaceful about this decision. I have the right to live my life safely.

I came to a conclusion that my ezcema and the start of the flare in Dec 2014 is largely connected to my soul being crushed by him.

Anyway, I am fine. I will be fine too in the future.

Finally, I would like to end this post with these two screenshots below.

26 March 2016

TSW Month 8

I recently used Jojoba oil on my legs (knee to the toes) before I go to bed every night.

I think it kind of helps the itch slightly because it makes my skin not too dry. I decided that it is time to apply some moisturiser because my condition is better and I can afford to introduce moisturiser now.

I started with jojoba oil because it has good reviews from my fellow ezcema mates.

I also realised that I react to chocolates (even bitter ones) and so I have cut that out totally. That means even marble cake is out.

Anyway, I went for buffet with some friends and I was very careful in my choice of food and yet I had bad reactions after that. My guess was there were artificial colourings and also some sauces could have seafood in them.

Thank God, it took me just 1.5 weeks to "recover" and it was not as bad as previous attacks anymore.

I have also started my full time job this month and so far, things are looking great.

15 February 2016

TSW Month 6 and 7

I am now still on TSW and MW.

In month 6, I even stopped my tcm medication. All was well and itch was under control. I also stopped Atarax totally, for real. I used to take 3 pills at a go and it only worked 6 hours later. I also reduced my dead sea salt soak to twice a week.

Everything was going on well. And I also started my part time job. I was still eating home-cooked food and I am very blessed that things were looking good for me.

I also did my own bak gua at home (took them to my mom's bbq pit and barbequed them. Took more than 10 pieces and I was fine. I fried rice with it, I baked cookies with it and I swear, I took more than 10 homemade pineapple tarts and countless butter cookies and butter cakes.

Life was too kind to be true, honestly. I really thank God I was still okay.

I got complacent and I took 2 pieces of store-bought bak kwa. And that's when my itch started. Immediately that night, I slept less than 4 hours. Itching badly.

Only then I realised that store-bought bak kwa has lots of preservatives and colouring. Right now, I am weeping again. From my calves to my ankles, they don't look okay. 

I put absolutely nothing on them, no cream, no lotion, nothing. Not even coconut oil or jojoba oil. 

And I had to start my tcm daily dosages again.

Let's pray that things will get better.

Happy Lunar New Year!