Months just flashed past (Birth Story)

This was one of the moments before I delivered. I am going to share about my birth story :)

It started with a show and light contractions like braxon hicks in the morning at 10 am. I waited but I cancelled a lunch appointment that day. The next day, I still managed to send the children to school and back from school. Around dinner time, the pain got more intense. I called my mom and she was at home. I told her that I might need to send the children to her. I remembered clearly it was 8.35 pm.

I quickly had a shower, poop too, finished the laundry, paper the floor while I asked the girls to pack some clothes, books and toys. I called my mom again to say I need to go to her place now.
Swiftly, I closed all the windows, shut all the toilet bowl lids and ensure all electricity switches were off and we all left the house.

Then I Grab a taxi and off we went to grandma's house. At grandma's house, I told the children that baby is going to come out. They wanted to follow me to the hospital and they were in tears. My mom had to coax them. Cut the long story short. I left after staying with them until 10.00 pm.

Then I Grab a taxi to NUH. I remembered that I reached at 10.30 pm. The nurses asked me "why are you here? Are you scheduled for a c-sec?" I told them no. I am going to deliver soon. They gave me a gown to wear and asked me to clean myself in the toilet.

Then they told me to wait. One nurse came to check on me. She said, you are 4 cm dilated. She suggested me to go and rest at the ward. I told her no. I dun want to go anywhere I want to remain at the delivery ward. She discouraged me and explained that i have to incur extra charges on a per hour basis blah blah blah.

I said I want to stay at the delivery ward and asked for the gas for some pain relief. They took a while to prepare. And they were unconvinced. I told them my pain was 6 out of 10.

There is a male standby doc and a trainee doctor (also male) who are monitoring my contractions. I told the male doc that I would not like the trainee doctor to be around if he is going to examine me my below. I also told him that I want my gynae to come. And they did inform.

The waves of contraction were intense and I used the gas and lavendar essential oil. I used that too when I had E, which helped alot. My gynae, Dr Claudia finally came at midnight. She told me she rushed down the moment the nurse called her cos she knew that mine will be a fast one. Thanks to Dr Claudia, I had no tear. Within 35 - 40 minutes, M was out. She taught me when to push and when not to push. I remembered while pushing out halfway, I felt so exhausted and I told her "Doctor, I don't want baby to be out today. Can I push again tomorrow? I want to go home now".

The next day, my mom brought G and E to visit me and M. They were so happy to see M. I was in hospital for 2 days (i requested for an additional day stay) and then back home for confinement.