Good hair and skin day

I didn't have a good week this week. I dropped an atomic bomb on panpan. After all the trauma, my dad said to me ‘人很容易写 (只有两画), 可是很难做’ . I hope that bygones be bygones and we’ll move on from here.

This morning, to make myself happy, I put on some powder and blusher and wore some accessories. Just right, I had a good hair day and a good skin day. Received many compliments from my colleagues (probably because I don't put on makeup for work).

This is my new office. I had lunch with Ros and Liza. Took a photo with Ros. She looked very girly today with long skirt. I need to faster wear this top, otherwise next year 老了 people will laugh at me saying so old already still wear bicky mouse.

I miss my girlfriends so much. I need to go out with them.


  1. Haha Bickey Mouse! I've been looking for Mickey Mouse T shirt for the longest time ever. It has gotta be the old fashion traditional mickey with full black eyes tho. =)


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