Great weekend :)

Had a mini secondary school gathering with Regina and her hubby, Jiaxin and Ivy. It was a pleasant lunch outing at Marche 313 Somerset. It was my first time stepping into 313. Super suaku. Ivy hurt her back from a bad fall but she still came. Jiaxin and I almost never spoke in secondary school but that day, we chit chatted quite a bit. She is very fun-loving to be with. Regina and her hubby still behaved like friends. Her hubby adviced that one shouldn't put a label on your spouse after marriage. Like she is my wife, she is expected to do this and that. They are still at the paktor stage now with a one year old kid, which is really so sweet :)

Weekend was well-spent with pan pan and also chatting with some friends. Pan pan attended Palm Sunday with me. It was our first time attending Palm Sunday and will be celebrating (next week) Easter together.  He has been a good student concentrating on Fr Richards's teaching during RCIA lessons.

He also wanted to bring me to East Coast for fishing but it rained. So he made fried rice for dinner. Thanks to Mr Q and Fen who gave me some encouragement and positivity. I will try my best to be happy. Really feel better with that few messages you sent me. Gambatte!