Meetup with Jace and Clara. It's so hard to get Jace because she flies every two months for work. We wanted to check out the tifa-something beauty product but the shop was closed. We went Swensens for dinner. Had a nice chat with them. We were talking about boobs and all the girly stuff :) If biggggg boobs really cause backache and bad posture, then I'll like to have backache and bad posture for a month.

These are two of my buddies whom I've known for more than 12 years. In fact, Elin and me have been friends for 17 years. (likewise for Jo). I think we should do a massive celebration to mark our 20 years of friendship. Twenty lor. It's a very long time.

Elin and me had a very big fight before. I remm I ignored her for a few days. Finally, she decided that she wanted to salvage our friendship. She stalked me after school from Thomson Road to my tuition at Bedok. I knew she was following me but I ignored her all the way. I thought she will leave after a while but she waited for me to finish my 2 hours maths tuition, pop out to talk to me. I melted on the spot and we were friends again. Actually come to think of it, I cannot remember what was it that made me upset at her.

 - Elin and me in 2003 -

Moral of the story: Don't be too upset with your friend over small issues. Friends who will forgive and forget are worth to keep.

*gives my friends a big big friendly hug* (even though pan pan says that I hug them in a wrong way) **rolls eyes two million times**