Spinning off Jack Neo's affair

There is seriously nothing wrong about being intimate (can be any kind eg emotional, not just physical) with or powerfully attaching your life to the opposite gender. Just don't get married. Remain single and stay that way. You can flirt all you want and however you wish.

Perhaps there should be a consideration to change traditional wedding vows to be more modern, contemporary and relevant in today's world:

I, ___ take you, ____ to be my lawful husband/wife. I promise to be true to you in certain times, maybe only during good times or when there are no temptations around. I will love and honor you when I feel like it. I pledge to you my faithfulness as long as it shall last subject to circumstances and my good mood.

But then again, nowadays people don't really mean what they say. So does it matter?

Faithfulness is quite subjective. Love is not really love. Always is not really always and forever is not really forever anymore.

How I wish that all those who practice infidelity in their marriage have their fingers and toes bitten off by mice.

God, why am I so emo today? I better keep my mouth shut.