When you are sad and feel like crying, what do you do?

You know, sometimes, you just don't want to bother your friends too much or when you want time to be alone? And it's a woman thing to ponder and ponder and often we think too much. We have expectations that we couldn't manage.

Since young, under no circumstances was I allowed to wail in public. Mom would hit harder. So I am trained to have silent tears rolling down my cheeks and at the same time sniffing my nose.

During school days whenever I cried in the shower, I would lie to mom that the shampoo got into my eye. When I started work, I did impulsive spending. I didn't know why I buy the things I bought. They will stay in the closet for a few months and eventually ended up in the trash. I've also tried sleeping pills and some alcohol. It just ruins your health and it's not worth it. Previously, I work out in the gym really hard and stay in the steambath for a long time. I nearly fainted.

What will you do when you are sad?

1. Try your best not to dwell on the situation again and again by thinking about the issues and analyzing the incident.

2. Have a cut off period. Say for example, I only allow myself to be sad for 3 days (depending what's the issue, some may take longer) and move on.

3. It's never easy to forgive and forget. However, true forgiveness will somehow lead to forgetfulness. Pray and ask for wisdom and strength.

4. If you want to vent your frustrations, exercise! (just don't go into the steambath) or do housework. Scrub the toilet till your arm aches.

5. Pat yourself on the back and give yourself a treat.

Repeat steps 1 - 5 until you feel better. If you still feel sorrowful, stop breathing. Hold your breath for as long as you can till you turn blue. Life is precious ... let go and let live.

"Life is never fair, get used to it" - Bill Gates