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I was kinda affected by this earlier. Really such a headache that they are doing random checks to catch people who use music/songs in wedding photo montage and video highlights without paying royalties ($300 per song). You can if you really want to - just pay a fine if you are caught. The consequence is $10K for one song.

I saw a comment from TODAYonline. He said "sing happy birthday song must pay ma?"

Ermm come to think of it... he is right. Happy Birthday song is copyrighted and you can't sing that in public. I mean legally you can't.

The next wise thing to do for all bloggers is probably to take down any music/songs that you play from your blog. They might start charging. I am serious.

Maybe I should think hard to compose a good song. Then I can resign from my full time job and just collect fees whenever people want to use my song.


My videographer called me last night informing me that she can't do the video highlights for me because she is not going to buy the license :(

My live band did not purchase the license as well and hence, if I engage them, I have to take the risk. If on the wedding day suay suay kena caught I have to pay a fine. Should I engage them? It's too much of a risk to take.

I will just have ONE STUPID SONG for my photo montage, video express highlights and both my march-in and just pay $300 can? IDIOT!!!!

My wedding is going to be the most boring wedding in history!



  1. I'm also cursing and swearing. This sux rite? My sis does freelance montage and she's also quite pissed with all these. Rite now I'm in the process of contacting my PG and VG if I should remove any video and slideshows on Fb whatsoever.

    Poor you.. so now how? Actually I tink wedding is a happy occasion. How cn the authorities just drop by and fine the couple???

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  3. Gosh dearie u're getting married!!?? :))

    Don't be sad! It's just $50!!

  4. hey Wendy, thanks for dropping by and leave a comment ... to answer your question yes, im getting married.

    I will have a live band so i think is $100. Thanks for the info babe.


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