Marutama and Waraku

You have to try this char siew. Serious.

We went back to Marutama again for nice Japanese ramen and also to pay the deposit for my wedding favour (Shhh...). The photos above are purposely darkened to hide my bad skin. You have to try this char siew at Central (Clarke Quay). It is really nice.

 The gratin (cheesy pot) that comes with a set meal is surprisingly good. I ordered ink pasta and he took some of mine. Thanks panpan for cheering me up with his silly entertainment :) He even packed extra food for me so that I can bring to work for lunch (knowing that I refuse to go out during lunchtime).

An extract of our conversation.
panpan: You okay?
me: * shows -_- face *
panpan: Why? What happen?
me: I'm very ugly now
panpan: who said that you are ugly!? who?!

I smiled at his response.

I bought two tops from our shopping, one dress and two tops online. He didn't make noise.

Ps: Using photoscape to edit these pictures. And duno why the gif image doesn't move.