I know it has only been one week since my visit to the doctor. But my breakouts are not getting any better. They are as red, as swollen, as inflammed, as angry, as itchy, and some are painful even.

Itchy means skin is too dry
Pimple means skin is too oily

Ermm so which is which? I called up the clinic and ask if I can increase the usage of the cream or dosage of the pills. They say like maciam never say (probably don't want to take responsibility, however I don't blame them coz they do not know anything anyway) and then suggested that I get an injection from Doctor Goh if I cannot wait -_-||

Skincare & Makeup
I never put on any makeup (not even concealer!) since and have stopped my normal skincare products (lifting, whitening etc) and switched to Avene and aloe vera gel yet things are not improving.

Exercise & Diet
I am seriously even thinking of going vegetarian and avoid fried and spicy stuff (that includes my favourite french fries and Shilin chicken bites) for a while. I have already been going to the gym so its not that I never exercise. It's just that I am considering doing yoga one morning weekly before I go to work and during the lunch hour.

I am not mad busy at work. I do still work. I am blogging during lunch hour okay? or when I am taking a 5 minutes break. I don't think it's because of work stress leh. What else is there? I think I’m more stressed up about the wedding than my work if I must compare. And with panpan leaving one month for work overseas, just makes me panicky all over again.

You might laugh at me. But I think maybe someone out there is poking voodoo on me. I rather that person cursed me to have diahorrea. I need to pray to Jesus, Allah and Buddha for power to break this pimple curse.

Should I be more patient (another 3 weeks more before I see Doctor Goh) or get the injection this week?

What more can I do? I am so helpless.

I am not okay going out for lunch at all. I bought two 包子 in the morning for lunch. You can absolutely use the phrase '没脸见人' on me now. I swear that my skin has never been this bad all my life. Bad revenge of diane35 (causing not just my skin to go haywire). I have to go for my trial makeup on Friday and late night out with the girls, I am so scared that it's going to be worse.

I need an angel to save me.


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