Ok I've spent about 3 hours on this one single photo. Real tedious. And the bad thing is I think I look like an alien after photoshop (and a little distorted too). I wonder how people can do it so well.

This is the before edit picture

I made my eyes bigger and not so pa jiao. Gave myself a little more cleavage. Changed the shape of my nose and chin as well. Make my facial shape sharper. Trim away my stray hairs.

So you think chio or not?

This is after photoshop aka Miss Alien


  1. Think the editting, you can leave to me. haha. :P

  2. maybe the difference is not vast. but the face looks slightly smaller after editing.

    actually u no need edit also chio la. wah lan

  3. OMG BABE...your head looks significantly smaller! Good try though :)

  4. @panpan - orh ok when you are free :)

    @dblchin - coz I want to look as close as possible like you ma.

    @anto - thanks for the encouragement.

  5. I've to keep scrolling up and down to spot the difference. Heh... It's very minute but not bad, subtle difference to the face and cleavage. Not like how those gal alwiz OTT their faces. I don't even know how to PS lor. LOL

  6. I think you look perfectly fine without the photoshop!!


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