Secretaries lunch

We went Cafe Le Caire at Arab Street for our secretaries lunch. They served Middle Eastern cuisine. I ordered mixed grill. Surprisingly, it's really nice. They have other special dishes like quail and kebab but I decided to go western. My colleague had the Sahlab for dessert. I tried a mouthful and I like it alot. It tastes like warm yogurt :)  It was a good time of bonding and chatting. We reached the office at 3 pm. Hehe.

My computer crashed and I have lost all of my favourites, my usual icons, the stuff on my desktop and other personal settings. -_- Cannot get used to this layout all of a sudden. Feel very handicapped. It really slows down my work. *moody mode on* Colleagues keep on using me as a middle person to communicate. Very draining. *sulkssss* I need to go to the gym to de-stress !!!