We made a new online friend :) We met at Shokudo at Cityhall. Tangtang and Callista yak alot. Non-stop and very lasting like Energizer. But their stories are so juicy.. really omg kind of stories. Jady is the usual quiet and demure one. Tangtang very de cute. She said don't believe the words of a salesman. Out of 10 sentences, 8 cannot be taken seriously.

Her nick is TheFallen. Sounds quite negative. That's probably because she is going through a rough patch in her life. She is really such a strong person, taking in those nonsense thrown at her, enduring the crap for 3 years. I really feel angry at that fella. As I am typing this out, I still feel unjustified for her. Sigh, what can we do? Just pray that Joyce will get over this. I pray that good friends will support her, genuine care and concern from her family and love ones to comfort her and strength for her to move on to the next level. Time will heal all wounds. ((hugs Joyce))

Then again, this made me realise that panpan sacrificed alot for me. I must treat him better.


  1. u girls had so much fun! too bad I couldn't join

  2. You are not forgotten. We were talking about you also leh. Callista said there is another "popular" girl who has alot of friends and damn chio one missing today.


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