Nuffnang event

that's XX - my iphone can't let me zoom in.

I signed up a nuffnang event together with Clara (it was her lobang actually), unfortunately she didn't get the confirmation. So I had to go alone. I signed up for Xiaxue's photoshop session. When I walked into the hall, she was sitting at the front seat with the nuffnang staff (i think).

Xiaxue's frame is petite and she is not exactly slim. But she has this charisma that you would want to take a second glance at her. When she did the presentation, it's so her. She would say her honest thoughts and make us laugh at her comment. I find that she is really herself, not putting a false front and has a cool personality. I think people shouldn't judge her by the way she blogs. She is really nice in real life. Just another lady who loves pink and blings.

She said she photoshops every single photo before they go online. I find that really tedious leh. I never photoshop any of my photos. I should try and photoshop just one pic and see the difference. Maybe in my next post :]

Oh and I knew a pretty lady - Anton (sitting beside me) and I saw Wendy (sitting at the first row) at the event.


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