Another ramen place

Santouka @ Central
Went to another Ramen place called Santouka #02-76 @ Central. This time, we brought my parents there after our dance lesson. The soup base is slightly more 清单 compared to Marutama's. I personally think the char siew (my earlier post) at Marutama still beats the Tokusen here. It's more worth it to order set meal at Santouka (and upsize for $3 to get a larger portion).

Sushi Tei @ East Coast

Special: grilled salmon with fish roe

The Sushi Tei at East Coast definitely has a much higher quality than City Sq's branch. We ordered the same food but East Coast's one was better. I especially like the grilled salmon with fish roe on top (think it costs $15 thereabout). The thing that is baked on top of the salmon contains fish roe inside. Really yummy. Panpan must have his swordfish sashimi without fail.

Even after so much food, I still lost weight. LY is right. My gaining weight was just a phase :) I'm glad to keep the weight now. I just need to tone up more.