Paradise Inn

my dowager mom

I went for mass with my parents. The priest had a special prayer for mothers. He said that we can never repay the love and sacrifice that mothers have for us and we are always a child in our mom's eyes even when we are 40 years old.

We went Paradise Inn for dinner together. Lately it has been mom's favourite dinner place. We had to wait for more than 30 minutes even though the restaurant isn't filled. They are very stubborn with their seat reservations.(there are like 6 tables empty but bloody hell reserved for more than 1 hour) Even after we FINISHED eating, those reserved people were not even here. Next time we shall call to reserve and then take our own sweet time to go there. Humph!

Thankfully the food is good after much waiting. We ordered their Mothers' Day set dinner :) I'm glad for my sis really. Seeing that she is happy and contented with her own family. Seeing that Nneth treats her well and let her eat alot of cod fish. 

Had a good time last night with mom joking whether Krys is pregnant and us hopping from one jewellery shop to another until the mall closes. I like spending quality time with my family like this.


  1. omg u look so much like ur mum! n she's uber pretty!


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