Wax and Acrylic nails

Brazilian wax

I just did my brazilian wax at Honeypot. Initially I had to go every month. Now, I do it like once every 1.5-2 months. I am on my 3rd package with them already and have only 5 sessions left. Each session is $60 but if you take the package is $50. Not sure if I want to sign with blackpeony. (tempted because of Clara's recommendation)

Previously I have Lenny to do it for me but since her promotion, it's either very hard to book her or that whenever she did it for me, it is not thorough. I have been sticking with Florence this year. She does a great job.

Honeypot uses disposable spatulas, gloves and cotton bedspreads. Each spatula is only used once and never reused. Whether it is Lenny or Florence, both of them have the same technique. So I assume they are trained the same way. Each session is about 20 minutes.

The procedure:
(1) wash yourself first before you go in for your wax
(2) therapist will cut away long hair (if any)
(3) apply numbing gel with cotton pad on area
(4) apply wax on small areas (usually either strawberry, vanilla or chocolate flavour) [left side]
(5) after pulling the wax off, she applies pressure and hold down that area for few seconds
(6) applies damp cotton pad with pressure to soothe that area
(7) uses a tweezer to pull out hairs that doesn't come off with the wax
(8) repeat step 4 to 7 for [right side]
(9) repeat step 4 and 5 for butt area

If you are there for the first time, let your therapist know. She will do a test and see your threshold of pain. For me, all the other areas are 5/10. The stripped part (diagram above) is the most painful area 6/10. The more frequent you do it, the less painful it gets.

The tweezing part is not painful really, unless your therapist missed and pluck on your skin instead. I think you can request to skip the tweezing part if you are scared but I personally feel that it's alot cleaner.

I bought their scrub to reduce in-growns. This is their new bag. So cute right?

Acrylic Nails By Junying

It's my fourth time doing nails at Junying's. We started at 7pm and ended at 11 pm. I think mainly because we chatted too much :)) She is like a friend already. When I was there, I had no idea what designs I had in mind. I just gave her my hands and let her do the work as she pleases.

I ate one curry puff before we started but I was so hungry that I have gastric pain on the way home. It's all worth it yeah?

The silly iphone cannot take nice photos.


  1. wah lau! y u go do nail never jio me?! I also lemming to do can~

  2. Junying - u saw her before at the blogger outing at Sentosa. I will soak it off in June. Want to go together?

  3. hi rachel! junying has a blogshop also! I bought a dress from her once then come to know that she also does nails =) very pretty nails u have! i like! haha.

  4. Hey hey Joanne. Thanks for your comments. nice seeing you here.


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