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I extracted three of my wisdom teeth at Tanjung Pagar. (Due to the sensitivity, I shall not named the dental surgeon as this entry is not meant to talk bad about his clinic/him.) There was nothing wrong with my teeth. I kaypo bo lui tan went to extract them because I didn't like the feeling of food stuck in between at the end.

The procedure took me 1.5 hours to remove three teeth. I think it was pretty long. I remembered he gave me an injection at the gums and then put a pink numbing cream (that tasted like bubblegum) on the area. Seriously, I am okay with going to the dentist because I previously had lots of dental experience from my braces at Mount E. I just hated the drilling sound.

Anyway, I went to the clinic alone and after the extraction (I bit on the gauze, which turned bloody soon). I headed back home to rest and kept on thinking that I will have a fever. But no leh. I took the antibiotics and painkillers for 5 days but I still cannot shrug off the intense pain. I didn't sleep well either. I was also given a 5 days MC.

After a week (from the day of extraction), I went to the dentist 3 times. He checked my teeth and couldn't understand why I was feeling the pain. I wasn't even sure how to tell him where the pain came from. I just knew that it was really bothering me. Soon, the toothache became a headache. And with the lots of medication I had to eat, I always felt a bitter taste in my mouth.

During one visit, he asked me not to eat for the entire day to see if the toothache goes away. So I went on a milk diet for a day. I developed gastric pain in the evening -_-... The next day, I went to consult a specialist at Toa Payoh around 7 pm. He did a scan for me and said 'probably your dentist has accidentally ruptured a nerve'. But he cannot be sure. So he gave me a stronger dose of painkillers.

I took the medicine (the dentist's one + the specialist's) when I reached home and slept at 9 pm. From 10 pm to 1 am, I vomitted 4 times. I was so weak that I almost fainted. Parents rushed me to Mount A. On the way to the hospital, I vomitted once again.

The doctor gave me an injection and warded me. I told the nurse that I cannot sleep because of the gastric pain and the toothache and the headache and so I asked for one sleeping pill. The nurse was very gentle and nice to me. I think she gave me a hug before I sleep. My parents went home and they said they will bring my toiletries and skincare tomorrow. I kept saying 'must bring my sunblock'.

The next morning, I woke up at 8.30 am. Yes I still have the gastric and the headache and the toothache. First person I saw in the morning was the nurse delivering breakfast to me and she gave me a mini toothbrush set with a small towel.

And then later on, Doctor Chew (the doctor in charge of me) came and asked me how I am and she wanted me to go for a 洗胃. But I repeatedly refused. Damn scary can. Doctor Chew came and checked on me 3 times a day. I rather she doesn't come and see me so many times coz (I realised much later) each time the doctor came, I have to pay!

Ok anyway, I saw a senior dental specialist (Ya la, another bigger specialist) from Mount A. I can't remember exactly what he said to me but he asked for that dentist's name and clinic who did my wisdom tooth extraction. No medicine and no x-ray. Just chit chat with him and looking at my teeth for few minutes, I have to pay a few hundred dollars (saw this from the total bill later).

The meals are really very nice. I am not sure why. That's the only thing that made me happy throughout my hospital stay. Total bill was $1K+ for a 2D1N stay at Mount A. Ermm, cannot use medisave (duno why), so I had to pay via credit card.

Plucking out the tube and ready to go home :))
get-well-soon basket from my company


  1. oh gosh... that is one costly stay at the hospital...

  2. omg....i hope i wont encounter this with my wisdom seems so u r making me scared of wisdom tooth extraction ...

  3. Oh dear! That sounds really really horrible. I'm sorry that you'd to endure so much pain and discomfort. I could feel it while reading your entry. You weren't able to get any form of compensation from the dentist? Luckily it is all over. I only extracted 1 wisdom tooth so far and my thought of this prudent decision lasted as long as the anesthesia wore off. I realised that I haven't linked you up babe. Will do so now. =D

  4. wah....i hope u r ok with ur friend...anyway, like that cute sad little looking cute lah when see that picture.

    you are planning for family...tat's great and hope to hear good news from u ... if need any advice, do let me know.

  5. Thanks vialentino... i'm sure your wisdom tooth extraction not as bad as mine. Hehe. As for that friend, I've tried what I can. I think it's time to move on. Yup yup, planning for a little one in the next 1-2 years :)

    Ya lor Dblchin... no money cannot fall sick / be hospitalised -_-

    No Jolene, no compensation from the dentist. Anyway I didn't go back to him anymore. Thanks for linking me :)

    Have a good day all!~~ I just finished editing the look and feel of my blog. Haven't had lunch yet!!

  6. Erm...Just wondering why this post was brought back???

    To scare people off Wisdom tooth extraction? lalala. :P

    My experience was great. lalala. have close to 14 days holiday...I mean, MC! hahaha. :P And it was paid by gahment. lalala.

    Cheer up baby.

    Next time, teeth pain, I will help...I know of a traditional method...Tie string to tooth, and to the other end to opened door, then...Tighten the string...and KICK door...Teeth extracted. It works in COMICS!!!


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