Children grow up so fast

Yinn and Guanyu bubble blowing


Is this signature pose the 'in' thing for children now? 
All of them like to do this pose in front of the camera :)

Yinn came back from Holland a few weeks ago but because of work we haven't got time to catch up. Also, now that she doesn't go to the gym, we have lesser chance to meet.

She was out with Guanyu boy at her auntie's place and asked whether I would like to join their family for fish steamboat downstairs. We live very near to each other, she will sometimes walk to my house for a swim. We waited over an hour for the dish to arrive. Her cousins (E and S) were there as well. It has been such a long time. I saw E only during secondary school days and S in CHC back 5 years ago. Really appreciate their friendliness and warmth. I didn't feel out of place, though I am the only non-family member.

After that we brought the grouchy boy to the nearby playground. He immediately became 生龙活虎.

And then I went to Yinn's house to chit chat but Guanyu will always interrupt us because he wants our attention. He spoke to me alot and began to showcase his big collection of toys with pride. He is so adorable. And when I left, I asked '姐姐明天可以再来你的家吗?'. He said '可以'.

Yinn bought me this from Holland. It's a mirror and comb together. Thank you for the wonderful evening.