Dollying up for girly night out

adding another (white) line on top of the eyeliner

Hmm, my eye shadow doesn't show up in this lighting :(

We met at AMK's MOF :) I was the last one to arrive. Mommy Jo and Edna playing

with our new addition - princess Edna

The main dishes are all LOUSY. Fast forward to the desserts. 

Baoli the cheery gal

clever girl

Babies are really gifts from heaven. Being able to play with her for that short moment brightens my day. As usual, we all take turns to carry Edna and take photos with her. She is our little celebrity. We took 150 photos in all (within 2 hours). Elin would exchange her i-pad for one night with Edna :))) Again, this year, we forgot about Elin and shifted our focus on Edna.

Happy Birthday again Elin. yao xin fu ohh.


  1. aiyoh...she is so cute....i mean the small little girl ... nice bday celebration!


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