First attempt with headband

I went to my gym to bathe and makeup after work. I tried on Majolica Majorca Chapter 24 (old series) and wore the headband. I'm not sure if I was taking too many photos, people were wondering what's so special about my makeup. But they didn't bother me and I continued taking (it was hard to capture~[some with flash: too bright, some without flash: shaky pictures]) , esp with the headband.

My eyelashes keep on dropping these few weeks, so I didn't put on any mascara/fake lashes.

Majolica Majorca liquid eyeliner in blue (looks black though)

I bought this headband from Bangkok last year. It was their fashion then. Almost one girl out of 5 will wear this headband on the road. I am very conservative, so I bought a simple brown one to try.

We went to The New Harbour Cafe & Bar (114 Tanjong Pagar Road, 6226-2657) before going Yvonne Creative, which is just opposite the road. They serve really good western food at affordable price. I removed the headband when I reached the cafe. People must be thinking that I am a mad person with the headband coz they were staring looking at me.

My photos are mostly too fair when I am with panpan. So this time, he was in front (nearer to the camera) and I stayed at the back. But his skin tone still damn dark and his dark eye rings still very powderful. More power than me with eyeshadow. LOL.

I had their meal of the day - Grilled lamb chops and he had spicy pork chops.

To side-track a little: Panpan likes to watch magic shows and has been chasing the 綜藝大哥大. I personally enjoyed because I find 刘谦 entertaining too.

So, I bought tickets for us to go '谦变万化' 2010刘谦世界巡回之旅 and wanted to give him a surprise. Somehow he managed to make me reveal, so it's no longer a surprise anymore. He said that I anyhow spend money and scolded me. Ya, S-C-O-L-D-E-D.


Let's ignore him and look at me and my headband.


  1. Ohhhh I love magic shows man..such a sucker for them. Glad u enjoyed it too :)

  2. I got ignored... (T..T)


  3. hahaha...the last picture is so funny...of course prefer watch u with ur headbban instead

  4. @pan - ok ok looking fwd to your new dish tonight.

    @vialentino - LOL. thanks for the compliment.

  5. u r welcome....btw, u change ur background ur site looks very bright and refreshing...nice.


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