Friends gathering

Alvin (left) and Kai (right)

It was really nice catching up with my primary school mates. I think the last time we met was 4 years ago. It was our first time seeing Wei tien. She is very bubbly as usual. It's so amazing that our personalities didn't change since we were in primary school. They are still very lovely people. Hope that we can meet up soon with Yingyu and her little princess.

camwhore a lil...

I matched this hairband with my new top for to achieve the sailormoon look. My mom said I act cute. Pengz. Hmm, at least now I still can act. I think 5 years later want to act also cannot liao.

I also met Jade and Elin :))) We had dinner at Xin Wang and ice cream at Marvellous Cream. It's freaking $7 for one ice cream but they ran out of chocolate flavours. I took the strawberry milli-something flavour. It was nice chatting with them. Jiayou to both of them in their studies. I also want to study leh! I miss writing essays and doing assignments.

Nice pic of Jade deciding on which flavour to get

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photo credit: dblchin's blog


  1. wow...seems u r a food lover as well.... i love to meet up with my old schl mates...lots of thing to catch up and chit chat about is ur day? hope it is great...

  2. Seeing this post.
    Its time to gather up with my primary school friends!
    I miss them~ =)

  3. @vialentino - yup the food pictures at your blog really makes me hungry~~!

    @hw - yeah go and initiate an event :))

  4. thanks thanks. ... i saw ur profile stating am addicted to whitening products. I want to be as white as a sheet of paper ;)

    aiyoh, u r fair enuff already...too white not good...cause if one pimple appear...very obvious one...

  5. heheh ya one pimple/freckle is very obvious one. and esp now, I just recovered from my rash and acne, the scars are v obvious too.

    and I have been 3x misunderstood as a China hostess. WTH.

    Still, I like to be fair leh.



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