Happy Birthday Ivy and Elin

It has been a long time since I last saw Ivy. I cannot even recall how long we haven't seen each other. We only started talking lately after the Secondary School Reunion, through facebook and wats app.

Yesterday, we went Seah Street near City Hall and Bugis for lunch (Elin's recommendation). It was at Mint Cafe where the toy museum is. We had so much to yak and totally forgot to check out the toys and museum. The western set meal costs $10.90. Cheap but nothing to shout about. I had teriyaki chicken and Elin had dory fillet. Again, we didn't really bother much about the food, we were more concerned with spending quality time with one another.

Happy birthday to Ivy
Happy birthday to Elin 
*they have the exact same birth day, month and year*

The mediocre food compared to our juicy gossips

Sweetie Ivy (single & available)

My bestie for donkey years (also single & available)

We had a good time catching up and chatting about men (what else?!)

Potential guy candidates, please submit your application to me if you want to date my two single friends. I apologise that only shortlisted candidates will be notified. LOL.


  1. hahaha...promoting ur friend ah....do they know ur site? i got single guy friends to promote too...can match them up...kekeke

  2. my blog site is in my fb :) Yup they are aware of their photos here. Hahaa.. sure~

  3. oic...hahaha...wats ur FB account...will add u as my friend...


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