Homecooked love

I really feel loved whenever I bring homecooked food to work though it's food that's left overnight. Yes microwaving food is bad for health. Yes, it might not taste very good (sometimes). Yes, I still have to wash my tupperware a few times to remove the oil etc. But I am really happy to eat homecooked food during lunch in the office.

Other than saving money during lunch (coz sometimes I get carried away and start to shop in Watsons/Guardians/Giordano (LOL), I get to avoid the sun (top priority). I also do not have to worry about finding and waiting for a seat when I lunch out. I can enjoy the aircon, surf the internet, play my 'Coin Dozer' or check out my tweeties' activities and feel loved eating microwaved food. Sometimes I say a little prayer for the remaining day as well.

How wonderful.

I do enjoy going out with my colleagues once in a while only when it is not sunny. It's a little troublesome for me to lunch out coz 30 minutes before that, I need to apply sunblock. I know. I am mad. LOL.

 home-made by Grandma

Happy 端午節 this week ~~


  1. do u cook for ur hubby as well and ask him to bring the food to office to eat?

    wah...i also like home cooked food once a while...but very hard now as got a small baby in the house....

    u sure get some sun tan instead...hehehe

  2. Hi babe,

    You've got a phobia for the sun? A little bit of Vit D is good for us. I love to be tanned but work life has made me fairer... I meant yellower. Haha... Coz I'm not the snow white fair sort even when not exposed to the sun.

    I absolutely love home-cooked food too. No matter how simple it is, no matter whether it includes canned food or overnight food, I just love eating home-cooked food. Great that you can pack home-cooked food to work every once in a while. I agree on the saving money part... and also I realise it also saves me the energy of deciding what to eat. Sometimes, it's a chore to think of that every day.

    Yummy, I'm craving for ba zhang with yolk now!!!

  3. Hi vialentino - it's him who is cooking for me actually :))

    Hello Jo, yup phobia. LOL. I duno where I am going to hide when I go Bali next month. Hehe.


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