whatever is true, whatever is noble

Philippians 4:8
whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable — if anything is excellent or praiseworthy, think about such things.

*mediate meditate meditate*


*throws mouldy cheesepies at the fugly mofo devil*

I'm regularly in such vexed state that I do not know how to breathe properly. Both my Yoga and Pilates instructors have said at various occasions that the reason I feel giddy after certain postures is because I do not know how to breathe. They said that the giddiness will go away after a while when I breathe properly. Aiyo, but I dun want to feel giddy during class -_-.

Seriously, I have often caught myself not breathing *amazed*. For example, this morning, I caught myself stop breathing in the train and a few moments out of the train because someone farted. TMD.

I stop breathing (on auto pilot mode) whenever somebody:
(1) coughs
(2) sneezes
(3) farts
(4) has BO
(5) smokes
(6) burps

Btw, vitamins are really expensive leh. I bought Pycno (180 tablets), Centrum (100 tablets) x2 and Bai Feng Wan.

when I could have bought this New COACH BELLA SIGNATURE SATEEN TOTE at $460+.

I must be under a spell.


  1. lovely bag....getting it? or already own it? hehehe

  2. I'm broke already just buying those vitamins. Haha. Nope not getting. Saving up for a solid honeymoon trip with my fiance.

  3. hi...thanks for ur visit back....yeah, dylan is my baby boy....

    wow, u r going bali next month...bet u sure enjoy...shud be good weather....first time to bali?


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