Yingying and Yu's birthday

Panpan made ngoh hiang for the family. Helen's mom told me that next time panpan will cook for me. Sometimes I think he over enthu in cooking; want to snatch this area of work from the maid -_-  Hmm, whatever it is, just don't ask me to wash :p I rather wash dirty toilets than oily plates. I know it's weird!

Then you fry them...
I don't have the recipe and anyway it's not for sharing. The end result was good. There were not enough to go round. I personally am not a big fan of ngoh hiang. But I took one for myself. It was hot and crisp so double shiokness :) Happy Birthday to Sze Ying and Yu Kit. We had BBQ. It was really nice seeing everyone helping out.

Then I took photos for Delia and Daysia. As I see them more often, I think they are not as shy than before. Issit that girls at their age super duper like to pose and take photos? When I say 'Show 姐姐 pretty face/princess look'. This is what they do. 超可爱!

And another one

ubber cuteness :)

"The family is the key institution underlying social policies in Singapore ... we need to make adaptations so that the family remains the crucial social pillar of our nation." - Minister Vivian Balakrishnan

To side track a little, (you may find it weirder) I am really excited that Blood Donation Mobile is coming to Raffles Place on 24 June 2010. I want to give my blood! At times I was rejected coz of my weight, so now I always have to maintain at least 45 kg to be a donor. I have low blood count so I normally donate half a pack each time. They used to have milo after we give blood. I hope they still have ^_^ I am v cheapskate, I like their free milo and biscuits.


  1. hahaha...i am laughing when u wrote that tu prefer to wash dirty toilet than oily plates. anyway, i must agree with u that i like cooking but i hate washing a lot...esp plates and even toilets.

    sumtimes no choice i will do it...cause cannot let my wife do all the things by herself...


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