Bali Escapade (2) Kuta Beach

It is a norm for men to walk topless on the streets; usually only the foreigners do that. The weather was damn hot and scorching. I saw Billabong, Roxy and Rip Curl along the streets but the prices were comparable to Singapore's. I bought nothing from there.

on the way to Kuta Beach (walking distance)

can you see the waves?

ready for some sun, sand and sea

While we were walking along the beach, the locals will swamp us asking us to buy this and that. And once you start buying, few more people will come and approach you too. I rejected an auntie who was selling wooden bangles and she was very upset. I think she cursed me saying that once I asked 'how much is it?', I am not allowed to turn her down.

Doing Henna tattoo
(costs SG$15 for both me and panpan's)

 our simple meal

fried and steamed siew mai (with beancurd chunks) in rojak sauce

beautiful waves and crashing sound

I know you guys wanna see me in bikini right?
tikobei u all

The waves were too strong. I was so scared that I zao geng.
I also fell down a few times and it was very painful.

Then we went back to the hotel to rest. When it was almost time for dinner, we passed by the swimming pool and there was no one. So we took a dip :)

posing posing

Look at how sunburnt I am. This is much more traumatizing than bungy jump!
I also discovered some unknown cuts I got from the beach

I didn't use my umbrella while walking and shopping because he said that we will look very moron. So I put on my shades most of the time and religiously applied sunblock on my body every hour at the beach with SPF81++  -_- I also applied sunblock on my face and neck. But still my freckles got darkened. And what's worse, I have new freckles!!!~ Sob sob :(


  1. nice body tan the strong wave....the water very cold rite...?

  2. @Vialentino - i dun like to tann. its hideous :( I can't remm the cold water. I only remember the waves were v strong and it hurts when I fell on the sand.

  3. oo that's a bad sunburn. I hope you put lots of moisturizer on that!

  4. Yup thanks Bimbo :)

    I've visited your blog too but didn't leave a comment. Just wanted to let u know.

  5. hello dear,

    I wanted to comment on the bungee jump entry but i can't find any citrus to add. =D I wanna go bungee jump too... Just for the experience.

    Ooh!!! U look so fair for Bali! And I never knew you had a butterfly tat! I didn't see wrongly right? Me want too but hubby doesn't like tat tat!

  6. Hi jolene

    Yes you should try once for the bungee jump :)

    Yup I have a butterfly tattoo 5 years ago. It's well hidden. Even my mom doesn't know ;p

  7. I have problems posting in other comments column...
    Anyways nice on the bungee jump!


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