Happy Birthday to Fen

We went for Thai food at Sunshine Plaza. I can't exactly remembered what we had except Tom Yam Soup. Sorry no pics of the food. But it's really afforable and very home-style. (Of course can't beat the authentic original Thai food in Thailand itself - Oh... how I miss Bangkok) 3 of us, Bao, Fen and me ate until we almost burst and it was like $9 per pax.

After that, we sat down at Mr Bean cafe and waited for Elin and Shulin to come. Meanwhile, let's open some presents. I got Fen a recipe book so that she can cook for Steven in future. We'll go to her new flat to make a lot of noise in 2013 :))

We ordered drinks and a brownie to share. Chit chat time... 

 3 of us took pictures and still waiting for that two fairies -.-

Joanna couldn't join us eventually because she had to take care of Edna. But it is very heartwarming to have friends rushing from work to spend these special moments. We are all busy and we do not chat very often and we probably only ever meet in a group during birthday celebrations but we are still close after all these years. I feel bliss to see them happy in life. 

Thanks Fen for reading my long emails, listening to me and encouraging me to jiayou :) The first thing I'll do when I strike Toto first prize, is to bring all of them to Tokyo to shop with me.

I love you Fen. Happy Birthday

second round of celebration at KTV


  1. wow...another bday celebration with ur friend...u r in a roll of bday celebration....nice pics!


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