Harper Bazaar's Christian Dior Workshop

Dblchin invited me to this event. It's the first makeup workshop by Christian Dior. I've previously attended Bobbi Brown's and Majorlica but this one was so high-class. I was in jeans - felt a little underdressed.

Happy and ready to go in my simple makeup :)

We were asked to remove makeup and follow the skincare routine followed by step by step guide on how to put on smoky eyes makeup. These are the makeup stuff for us to play with. We made a new friend. She is Ju Lynn.

Dblchin and me with Ju-Lynn

I like this CAPTURE TOTALE refining cream $78!!! It gives a matte texture before makeup

Very focussed :)

First time learning how to use highlighter

Very pro lah... even the makeup artist also lose to her

the rest of the participants

I'm very hungry already. I'm starting to get impatient. And finally we are done at 9.15 pm.

Somehow I don't like how I look leh. I think I look very transvestite -_-.

I still prefer the way I look before I stepped in here...
like this :)))

But it was an enjoyable experience. I learned about blending skills and how to enhance the face using a highlighter. I also understood the importance of brushes and the use of a lip-liner. Thanks Dblchin aka chioClara for inviting me. We had a quick bite at MacDonalds before heading back home. We were given one eyeshadow and lipstick to keep, amongst the latest issue of Harper's Bazaar magazine. But my mom kapok my eyeshadow in bronze already (lightning-fast hand).


  1. hahaha....u r right...prefer the original make up you have done on urself.

    wow...interesting to see how the make up class works...nice!

  2. Hi there! I would like to invite you for a blogger event. Could you please email me at rsvp@oasisinteractive.com so that I can send you the details?

    Thank you!
    Ju Ann


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