Have you polled?

I have created a nuffnang poll at the side of the page. Please click and let me know what you would like to read more on my blog.

Currently 83% of you would like to read beauty related and girly stuff.

And none of you on spiritual and inspirational post -_-. You incorrigible people want to go to eternal bottomless pit and play with bolts of fire issit? LOL (just kidding).

Anyway, I do have lots of skincare products. I don't mind reviewing, just don't want to bore the wrong audience (so please poll if you haven't).

This is a box of skincare that I am not regularly using, some are still new and unopened. I have like two other boxes of these. I think I don't need to buy skincare for another year but I just can't stop buying.

Lastly, if you enjoy reading my posts, please click on the nuffnangs ads at the top to help me generate some cash. [So that Nuffnang knows that people are reading my blog and will invite me to their events *grins*]

Thanks all :)