Review: current whitening craze

My current whitening skincare products. I alternate between hydrating, whitening and richer moisturizing regime (depends on needs). This is my whitening range. (leaving out whitening masks in this entry)

(left to right: Lancome Spot Eraser, Laneige Star Essence, Heliocare Gel Sunblock, Hakubi White C)
(front: Haba White Lady)

I bought the Lancome spot eraser (30 ml) from the airport for SG$200. Lately, they launched a BB cream with high SPF as well (SG$60). I was tempted but I didn't get it. 

I would use the spot eraser on my scars, freckles and uneven skin tones area (around the nose and forehead). And I would just use a small portion each time (coz v expensive mah). Initially within the first week, I think it works quite well. I can see slight lightening of my freckles but recently not much improvements. So I might give my skin a month of rest and then try the spot eraser again.

texture of spot eraser

The Laneige star white essence (contains arbutin extracts) - initially when I use this product (within 3 days), my skin peeled badly and I applied only at my neck and up to my jawline. However, somehow it was okay again when I applied a very thin film (one pump). It's non sticky, easily absorbs into my skin, has a mild pleasant fragrance and has arbutin extracts for whitening.

I would alternate Laneige with Haba white lady when my skin feels oily. Haba white lady's texture is similar to Haba Lado's. It is a highly concentrated essence of 8% Sasa Kurilensis Water and 6% water soluble vitamin C.

I like the Heliocare gel sunblock (recommended by Chiaberry cotter). It has high spf  [nowadays anything more than 40 spf is considered high to me] and is in gel form so it's not sticky / greasy after application. I bought this when I had very bad acne outbreaks few months ago. I feel that this sunblock is better than Avene. Avene's Very High Protection Cream has a stubborn white cast that I need to use makeup remover to remove (if not will result in clogged pores). 

More about Heliocare here.

Hakubi White C. I am on my 8th bottle currently. I stocked this up when I went Japan in Nov 09 (almost half the price here). Results can be seen after consuming the first bottle. In fact, my face was fairer after the 3rd week. Then I realised that my arms got fairer too (into the second bottle). I'm currently taking it for maintenance now (every alternate day consumption).

I have previously tried  Fancl's Whitening range (white advance drink + white advance pills) but they didn't work for me. Or should I say, I didn't see results as fast as Hakubi White C.

I got milla seeds from using Loreal's eye cream. So I decided to look for gel instead of cream. I bought this from Bangkok. It has the ability to give a lifted feeling immediately after application.Amazing.

Roserity White Rose body milk from Watsons, Garnier UV Lotion

Nivea night whitening smells like normal Nivea. Not sure if it really works to whiten while I sleep. But better than nothing :p

Roserity has a nice rose scent. It contains whitening essence extracted from rose water. However, I don't really like the fact that it has a high alcohol content. Garnier UV Lotion has a light lemon scent. The 250 ml only costs SG$8 from Bangkok. I'm not sure if it's sold locally. I have not seen this yet.

I have also tried whitening drips with Calvin Chan at Wheelock Place ($250 per drip) but sadly, there are no results. Even Dr Chan says so. He asked me why do you want to be so fair?!

Whitening is very important but I think a good sunblock is just if not MORE crucial. I will always be on the lookout for more and better whitening products in the market. I'm a whitening junkie. I want to be as white as a sheet of paper.


  1. Hey Babe, just sharing that I manage to buy the Heliocare sunblock at a good price on Qoo10!


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