Review: Hada Labo

I was just telling chioClara that I want to try out Hada Labo after finishing my SK-II miracle water because it's too expensive to buy another one. It's such an awesome timing that Fr3b contacted me. Thanks for sponsoring me these two products. 

HADA LABO super hyaluronic acid hydrating lotion (left)($22.90)
HADA LABO super hyaluronic acid hydrating face wash (right)($12.90)

This is the best seller that is sold every 4 seconds in Japan

Step 1: Wash your face with the hydrating face wash
Step 2: Apply 2-3 drops of the hydrating lotion (acts as a toner)
Step 3: Moisturiser (optional) and Sunblock

This week, I have used the Hada Labo face wash. It's mild and gentle to the skin. There is also no strong fragrance (which is good).

Next, I poured 2 drops of the lotion on my palm and pat on my face and neck. The texture feels almost like an essence;  somewhat in-between toner and serum, but not sticky.

After the hydrating lotion, I skipped moisturizer. I applied my Lancome Blanc Expert Spot Eraser and then sunblock, followed by BB cream. I feel that there is no need for moisturizer. The Hada Labo lotion seemed to have a little dewy effect. It also made the BB cream easier to blend in.

I have been using this for the 5th day already. My skin feels soft and smooth.

I read that some people have bumps or outbreaks after using this. I think the trick is to alternate the usage because the AHA ingredient may be too rich for some.

Hado Labo is made in Japan and is exclusively sold in Watsons.

I heard that they will be launching a mist soon. Check it out.


  1. wow...sold every 4 secs in japan...cant believe it

  2. Hehe, I also couldn't believe that Paul, the octopus is really one octopus -_-.

  3. Sounds promising! I think I might try that. I'm alway buying new stuff from Watson's to try! And I've polled on beauty stuff!

  4. I tried the cleansing foam and it's great! It's really value for money :). Now, I want to try the hydrating lotion as my colleague has been raving about it!

  5. How is it so far? What skin type is it for? Was contemplating to get SK-II leh..

  6. So far so good. I have been using the hydrating lotion every alternate day. No breakouts and bumps as what the podders and cotters claim. SK-II is good as well (hydrating purposes) but not as friendly to the pocket.

    The cleansing foam cleans well and doesn't leave a tight feeling on the face. So I think it's gentle enough to the skin.

  7. @ Jo - thanks babe for polling. Yup I also dig stuff from Watsons, esp when it's 'made in Japan'.

    @ Reg - yup value for money. I agree :)


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