1 Altitude

I had a special invitation to 1 Altitude!!! Thanks to Open Rice Singapore :) Occupying three floors of the 282m OUB Centre Tower (Raffles Place), 1-Altitude is actually three concept bars combined – 282 and City Golf (Level 61), Stellar (level 62) and 1-Altitude Gallery & Bar (level 63). This venture by the 1-Rochester Group sets out to be one of the world’s highest alfresco bars.

 My tann lines are still visible :(

explaining to me how the golf works

Brilliant view from the 63rd floor


  1. man You're photos are nicer and prettier! Now that's a place most people haven't been, you lucky girl!! :)

  2. Thanks. I heard that it's open to the public on 23 Aug. I am not sure though.

  3. wah...what place is this...restaurant? got gold sumore?

  4. This is at Raffles Place. It's a bar area.


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