Food Review: Eden Sanctuary

Thanks to Eevon from Open Rice Singapore. She invited me to this cafe called Eden Sanctuary. Initially, I was reluctant to go because I have not packed my luggage for my trip to India and also I was adamant about not being able to have my last dinner with panpan before I fly off.  Eevon very kindly allowed panpan to tag along with me. How wonderful :)

 Happy me, ready to go

And here we are at Eden Sanctuary, China Square Central.

The chef is a famous and he has got a Gold Plate Award from Women's Weekly. There were 5 Open Ricers. We were told that our dishes were not from the ala carte menu. The chef specially prepared 6 dishes for us. He used fresh herbs and flowers. I'm amazed by the sweetness, freshness and vibrant colours of the plants and flowers and how original the food tasted. No salt is added to any of the dishes. Brilliant.

Let the pictures do the talking :)

we were served with floral tea (without caffeine)

Absolutely healthy and non-oily. This must be the healthiest meal in my life.

Then came the dessert. That is the chef doing the flaming.

Thank you Open Rice for this food tasting event.

I got to know alot of ricers :) I will read your blogs when I am back in Singapore.


  1. omigod... the desserts look yummy....
    just need some of it on a lazy afternoon like this....

  2. wow....i think this is my first time see u writing a food review ... welcome to food photography and review ...

    btw, nice pics taken by u and end with a lovely picture with ur hubby.

  3. @xiaoxin, yup :)

    @vialentino, will have more :) but can't be compared to your great photos. I need to buy a good camera.

  4. great...cant wait to see no, my pics r very normal and me still in learning stage...still not satisfied with my own pics. quite good pics taken with ur point and shoot camera ...

    yeah...once u got a slr camera (must buy the external flash too) and u can see the big different. u can get ur hubby to take more nice potraits of u and print it in album or picture frame ...very nice for sure!


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