Happy Birthday to Dylea, Edmund, Eugene, Mom

Happy Birthday Dylea
Happy Birthday Edmund
Happy Birthday Eugene
Happy Birthday Mom

So many birthdays after I am back from India. But it was great to see my family :) Happy Birthday to my love ones. Dylea is a very shy girl. She wouldn't let me carry her and will always stick to her mom. But I asked "Can auntie wish you happy birthday?", she nodded her head and I asked her if I can shake her hand, she allowed me. So cute. Eugene and Edmund are both very sensible and obedient boys. May they excel in their studies and be happy in life.

They played a game after dinner and cake cutting. Noisy to the max.


Next - - - Mom's birthday
All of us went for foot reflexology. There was a promo. 20 mins for $10. Cheap cheap. 

I'm tired and chao-tar after my India trip. I need a break - massage; spa; facial!


  1. nice bday celebration for ur mom..u seriously look like ur mom...

  2. @vialentino hehehe everyone says so. But more ppl said my mom is prettier.


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