Humble pie

I am addicted to Don's Pie and Delicious Muffins bakery at #01-05 Sunshine Plaza. Each chicken pie costs $3. I can't resist each time I am there and have to buy at least two. They are all piping hot and super nice. The only drawback is the amount of butter that seeps through their brown paper bag. Kinda oily but then again I can't resist their chicken pie.

I am not sure about their muffins. I have tried a few times but I think nothing beats their chicken pies. I have spent at least $60 in that shop just for their pies. So, one fine day, I decided to try it out myself (after reading from Exclusively Food and some other online recipes).

I am very lazy, so I improvised a little; using Campbell's chicken & mushroom soup for the stock. Thanks panpan for making the skin of the chicken pie using plain flour and butter. I couldn't find the ready-made ones from NTUC.

put chicken chunks in

 they're going into the oven soon

baked 25 minutes, 200 degrees

end result doesn't seem appetizing :(

I have added ALOT of pepper already. But why is there still no pepper taste? I have also marinated the chicken for 2 hours but somehow the taste is not rich enough. Maybe I should stew it longer in campbell soup? 
But my powerpuff gal (Jieyi) is very kind. She said that it's nice and healthy. She brought back 5 pies for grandma :)

Hmm, excuse me but I still wanna buy the chicken pies from Sunshine Plaza. They are 100 times nicer than my pie. And I don't have to spend 1.5 hours washing up the utensils and cleaning the kitchen. 


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  2. Hey rachel! I'm going to get Don's pie club tomorrow to get their kueh lapis for my aunt! Going to try their pies also =)

  3. wow....salute you on ur effort to make your own pie ... looks ok to me as long u cook it with passion ... strong pepper flavourish pie....hmmm...did u crush those pepper seeds and mix into your ingredients? maybe will produce a strong pepper smell ...

  4. You will enjoy the pies Joanne :))

    Hehehe thanks vialentino :) Yes you are right on the crushing pepper seeds. I need to do that.


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