India, New Delhi

I flew to India for work.

Prior to the trip, grandma made alot of noise saying that I shouldn't go and asked me to talk to my boss again that I will not go. Then later on, she said that she will go to Guanyin Temple to pray for me and get me an amulet. She also gave me some "sacred water". My mom helped me to pack my luggage and my dad specially woke up early in the morning to remind me to be careful and don't talk to anyone who seem to be unusually friendly. My godma said that she will pray for me and asked me to bring a rosary with me. My friends all wished me a safe trip. This is my first trip alone. Flying alone and sleeping in a foreign land alone.

There's a first time for everything. And well, I made it back alive. Thank God.

I stayed in Taj Mahal Hotel. I had the opportunity to visit Supreme Court of India, The Red Fort and Humayun Tomb. The weather is mad hot... 40 degrees. The sun rays are quite painful to bear though I had long sleeves on. Here are some of the casual photos. Enjoy~

driven around by our driver

Ermm yes, this is Supreme Court of India. *gasp*

EVERY MEAL also must have curry one. Sianz.

Finally, I had fine-dining at Masala Art restaurant in Taj Palace Hotel. Excellent service. They will feel offended if you say 'It's okay' or if you do it yourself. I was totally spoilt and pampered like a queen (只差没喂我吃).

even lobster salad also curry -_-

grilled prawn and chicken. REALLY delicious

spices after food to "clean" the breath

My advice for those traveling to India:

1. If you can afford it, fly business class, otherwise be prepared for long queues in the airport for the immigration to clear. I have never seen longer queues than the Delhi airport.

2. Keep your passport with you all the time. There are too many security checks to go through. (At hotels and all tourist sights)

3. Do not eat / drink from roadside stalls. They simply look too contaminated. I only took water from my hotel room. I refuse to drink even from the mineral water bottle that the driver bought.

4. Do not roam around alone anywhere, especially if you are a lady. It is really not safe. I had countless curious stares and not a very pleasant experience.

5. Check the temperature before you reach. New Delhi can be as hot as 40 degrees and as cold as 10 degrees in the night.


  1. wow! 40 degrees! Shanghai is 38 degrees these few days... the air outside is HOT de lor... Super unbearable weather, I'm missing Singapore, I want to go home! And no matter how much sunblock I put also no use, my arm have two distinct colours now... sian... becoming chao tah already...

  2. I had terrible experiences there during my one month backpacking trip in India too! but there were unforgettable memories too!! :) and luckily i went in winter... 40 degrees can kill!

    Yes... the airport...i remember... I was stuck IN the airport for 15 hours... bad weather and plane cant take off...It was one day before that 2004 tsunami...we were lucky we took off before the disaster...

  3. @ jo@nne -- wear long sleeves to "filter" the heat from your skin.

    @ xiaoxin -- you are so BRAVE... u went there for one month!

  4. Wah! You are so brave! I dont think I will want to go there!

  5. wow india!!! damn i am too scared to go to that place!

    the curry and the stares alone will drive me crazy! not to mention the heat! and your family is so sweet to be so worried :D


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