Review: AquaLabel Workshop

I attended a special Aqualabel workshop at Shiseido's beauty studio. Sunkisstiffy was the first to reach and so we chatted a bit. She's keen to check out the moisturising range and me on the whitening range, so we sat opposite each other.

We were already discussing and comparing AquaLabel with other brands
even before the trainer came. 
*yak yak yak*

And I saw Anto :) 
The last time we meet was at a Nuffnang event.

Yanny Li (the trainer) came and the workshop commenced.
We were all told to remove our makeup and try the entire range of AquaLabel products.

There were many things that were taught but it's too detailed to go through everything in this entry. So I will just explain in summary some of the key lessons I've learnt, before you fall asleep on me.

The exclusive AQUALABEL technology deeply infuses and locks in high amounts of moisture in skin by the 3 main actions; which is to SINK, SATURATE and SEAL. Sinking the ingredients into your skin with Aqual Synergy and Saturate and Seal them with moist aqua keeping base.

I'm only going to touch on the whitening range (which is my specialty!) This whitening range in blue bottles and packaging focuses on repairing and preventing problems such as pigmentation and brightening skin's overall clarity.

Key ingredients in Aqualabel Whitening Range
  • M-tranexamic acid (also used in Shiseido White Lucent)
  • Saxifrage extract and Peony extract (whitening ingredients)
  • Aqua synergy (blends easily with water and oil into skin)
  • Moist aqua keeping base (to plump up skin)

cleansing oil

I especially like the Deep Cleansing Oil and Aqua Enhancer. [I'm going to buy them!] 

Deep Cleansing Oil
The cleansing oil is comparable to Fancl's cleansing oil. The texture a little milder and the price is cheaper than Fancl's. It removes makeup just as well and it contains a mild rose scent, which is therapeutic. We were given a damp, hot towel to wipe our faces.

Aqua Enhancer

The enhancer is to be used just before the sunblock, after the entire skincare regime, meaning after your toner/softener, emulsion, essence and moisturiser. It LOCKS up all the ingredients deeply into your skin so that the moisture is maximally absorbed. The texture of the enhancer is just like a toner.

    AquaLabel Whitening Range Products that I've tried
    1. Deep Clear Cleansing Oil (contains rose scent)
    2. White up Lotion (softens the skin and conditions it to be ready for moisturising)
    3. White up Emulsion (I skipped this one, but tried it on my hand)(light texture and translucent)
    4. Reset white mask (picture below)
    5. Bright white ex essence
    6. Aqua enhancer (a powerful infusion skincare that forces ingredients into deep layers)
    7. Perfect Protect Milk UV (sunblock with SPF 50+++)

    This is the reset white mask

    It has the the lid for eyes too.

    The 'S' shape of the mask is specially made to create the "lifting" effect

    Finally, I'm with a happy and clean face. 

    AquaLabel gave us travel size pack and one reset white mask to bring home.

    Thank you AQUALABEL :)

    This would be my last and final participation. Now, I hope my blogger gals will win the trip to Japan. They are all so wonderful, I hope they can all win, then I will bug them to help me buy stuff back from Japan. *giggles*


    1. Hi Citrella, I love your callsign. Reminds me of....ha ha, you know.
      Anyway, reading your this posting of Shiseido reminded me of one time my wife requested my getting her a product from this company....I was in Tokyo.
      And I got lost in the huge mall while searching for it. And nobody spoke English....used sign language like practicing Tai Chi.

      Anyway, nice blog you have....and you looking good.
      Have a nice day and keep a song in your heart, Lee.

    2. @Ju Ann - hehee yup, specially love the samples to take away.

      @The Bimbo - yup :)

      @Uncle Lee - Thanks. Interesting blog you have. I am going to read later.


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