Review: Wen Luxe Spa

Wens Spa is the 2009 Women's Weekly winner.
6 Bukit Pasoh Road (opposite Pinnacle @ Duxton)

The place is not difficult to find. But it's a bit of walk from Tanjong Pagar MRT / Outram Park MRT. They have an open air carpark nearby if you are driving.

My appointment was 7 pm but I was there at 6.30 pm. They had back-to-back appointment slots and I have to wait :( So I went to the coffeeshop and ate a piece of bread with Milo.

The rooms are on level 2 and 3.
Up I go!

I did the one hour De-stress muscle relief massage. The masseuse is a 50 year old Chinese Singaporean. She has 20 years of experience in this field. I forgot to ask for her name but she is really good. I like the massage oil used on me. It was a combination of some chinese herbs (for detoxification) and ginger (expels wind). Right pressure and timing. I almost fell asleep when she did head massage for me.

One hour is not enough. Can I have two please?

Do grab the 1 for 1 promotion $45+ (excluding GST) at this link here (valid till 31 Aug only!)

The masseuse said that I have lots of knots in my back. When she massaged my tummy, she said "tomorrow, you will pass motion alot". It's really true :p

After the massage session, I was offered ginger tea while they promoted their package of $880 for 16 sessions but I didn't sign up. I rather go hopping around for first time trials and offers at the moment.


  1. sounds so shiok! but you're smart for not signing up. I often feel that after signing up the service changes. :P I refuse to sign up for anymore packages after I see all the chain beauty stores close one by one.

  2. woo... it sounds good!
    Do they take male customers? was thinking of going together with my bf.. heh...

  3. @Bimbo - I'm very careful with signing beauty packages now. I learnt a very expensive lesson.

    @xiaoxin - Yes they take male customers and they have a couple room too. But I think you need to top up $10+ for the usage of the room. Check out their website.

  4. this is so cool! i will fall asleep every time when the therapist does massage for me.. haha

  5. Woo.. i need the de-stress muscle relief massage.. =)


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