BBQ gathering

We woke up early. Mom and dad went marketing to get fresh prawns and meat. Panpan and me prepared the ingredients. Then after that mom helped me with the washing and cutting and seasoning. Dad helped us cut the aluminium foil into proper sizes for us to wrap the food. Mom also cooked green bean soup. Panpan's dad cooked fried rice for 15 pax. Lots of preparation and hardwork apart from ordering some stuff at  Total damage was $170+

washing chicken w salt
cut mushrooms

That's me in my gloves cutting the prawns' whiskers.
I wore the gloves to prevent my hands from smelling. Mom kept hurrying me and Panpan said I'm too gu-niang and gentle with the prawns maciam doing eyebrow trimming for them. LOL


 panpan's creation

all done and going into the fridge

It started to drizzle at 3 pm. Luckily the rain stopped at 5 pm. Panpan started the fire successfully. Slowly, our friends came. Busy with food and entertaining our guests.

Elaine's children doing their mash-mellows

After the BBQ, they celebrated my bday for me
(will be posting about my presents and goodies in a separate post)

with compliments from Elin, Jo, Bao, Fen

photo credits: Joanna's DSLR

with my sec and poly friends

(awaiting Kelly, Xinying, Joanne, Brice, Gary photos)

I know my hair looks quite shitty now. I am enduring for a few more weeks and then will go for a massive reconstruction work of cutting, colouring and treatment.

Clara and Jacelyn helped me with washing and clearing up as my security guards came and shoo us away at 10.15 pm. They also helped me carry stuff back home. Thanks. Thanks to all my friends who came and agreed to help us for our big day.


  1. nice bday celebration and happy belated birthday to u ... i can imagine u spent hours trimming the prawns ... right?

    i love bbq party actually.

  2. Happy belated birthday!You looked like you had lots of fun! :)

  3. I'll send you the pictures when I'm back. (:

  4. Thank you Hong Wei, Vialentino, Reg and Xin Ying.

  5. Hi Citrella, many happy returns to you. Happy the pics here. And the food looks outstanding! I love prawns.....
    Can imagine the fun you all had. Great looking friends you have there too....
    And you sure look great! What I call 'traffic stopper looks', ha ha.

    A birthday is just another 365 day trip around the sun, enjoy the trip.
    And remember, age is just a number, it's that light in your heart that counts. Keep it burning bright.....
    and hold that lovely smile of yours....can light up a whole house, that smile of yours.
    Best regards and keep a song in your heart, Lee.

  6. Thank you Uncle Lee for your compliments, esp the 'traffic stopper look'. I am so flattered.

    It's Friday tomorrow! Have a good weekend. Cheers~


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