Food Review: 1 Caramel

Thanks to Open Rice's invitation to 1 Caramel :) 1 Caramel is a delightful place with sensational sweet treats. Check them out here -

I was so excited. I reached there very early (first one to arrive of course!!) and I'm very glad to see Eevon and Melissa again. It was also the first time I saw Eliza. We twitted a few times previously but this was the first time we met. Cool. Putting food aside for a second. Pictures of my chio friends first. (Eevon, Feliza and Melissa)

I'm also glad to know Noel and Genghui :) Camera gurus

The first thing when I stepped into 1 Caramel (at Handy Road), I was greeted with this beautiful 3-tier wedding cake. How I wish I have this for my wedding! It's a whopping $400~

So pretty de lor. I wan~

Me, Chiew Yen (from 1 Rochester), Eevon

Garlic and herb toast, Cherry tomato and oregano bruschetta, Petit croque monsieur, Mini quiche, Twice baked gruyere souffle. This savoury platter costs $22.00. That's the sesame cream sauce and olive sauce.

You see what happens when food is served. FOOD ATTACK!
*snap snap snap, flash flash flash*

The smoked salmon pizza has this sweet onion and herbs on top of the thin crispy crust. The salty aftertaste of fresh salmon, the sweetness aroma of onion, with herbs, blend very well together. Yumz.

The portobello mushroom is fresh and the tomato based really compliments the taste. I think the white portions are cheese. I didn't try the cheese though. 

Next, our main course is of course the DESSERTS.

If you have a sweet tooth like me, you'll be spoilt for choice... 
Do check out 1Caramel :)


  1. oooo Thanks for the delish review! I want!!

  2. The food looks really good!
    Going to grab my girls there soon!! :)

    Oh... the wedding cake is so kawaii!

  3. Hehe.. thanks :) Do check the place out. They have another outlet at Raffles Place.

  4. wah....u improve a lot...nice pics...

    i love ur attack...snap snap and flash here n there....same goes here....

    next time u n ur hubby here...bring u along for a food review...hehehe....

  5. Hey Rachel! I like their cakes! So nice and pretty, must be very tasty also..

  6. WOW! I want to go!!! the cake looks damned nice!!!


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