Food Review: Pu Tien Restaurant

I had Pu Tien for a long time even before they became commercialized and did their renovations because my grandma is a Hock chiew and this place serves authentic Hock chiew food. It has since become very modern (Valet parking), contemporary design and has even opened several branches. They also have a website.

I ordered the cuisine for 4 pax at $88 (excluding taxes). Total bill came up to be $103+

Bamboo Herbal Prawn
Cucumber with Chestnut
Steamed Seabass
Sweet & Sour Pork
Pu Tien Lor Mee

The complimentary dessert we had was chilled snow fungus.

The quality of the food was good. The only difference is that the prices are much higher now. So far, we have good experiences out of the many times (10 probably?). I had only been to the Kitchener Rd branch.

I really like their signature Pu Tien Lor Mee. It's not too salty and it reminds me of grandma's cooking (authentic Hock Chiew method)

There are many sophisticated China waitresses who are able to converse in proper English and Japanese. I overheard one waitress taking orders and recommending their dishes in Japanese language. Very impressed.

We've been there for CNY feasts, grandma's birthday, mothers' day. It was never disappointing.


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