Paul & Joe Makeover

I had a makeover at Paul & Joe with the Beeconomic offer. I went to the Paul & Joe in Heeren. There's a new shopping mall called 'ALT', which is the same management as BHG Bugis. I think the makeup artist's name is Siew Ying. There were no other customers except me. She was very patient with me, allowed me to test the products and take photos.

Paul & Joe is a US brand but their products are made in Japan. They have both skincare and makeup range. But I think their makeup products are better. I have tried their liquid foundation before and it's light and dewy. I just realised that their manufacturer is the same as Albion. I have more assurance that Paul & Joe has quality products now.

Body Mask to be used once a month for anti-ageing, firming and hydrating

I can't exactly remember the price but I won't buy this coz it's too expensive for the entire body. There's also housebrand body masks in Watsons or Guardians with a cheaper price tag. Do you all do body masks? I rarely do so. It's quite troublesome to put on the whole body and be naked for 10-15 minutes in the bathroom (with my mom's screaming and yelling). Plus, the back area is unreachable. Maybe next time I can ask my hubby to apply for me ;p

I get to choose my eyeshadow color

I requested for Siew Ying to apply eye primer (which I bought later) for me before the eyeshadow. The primer makes it easier for the eyeshadow color to set. It also has a longer staying power on the lids. The eyeliner is not as smooth to glide on my lids and they smudged on me 1 hour later. I still kinda prefer Majolica's eyeliner.

This is the end result.

I think she didn't do a good job for the brows and the blending. My face does look slightly cakey. 

There are some goodies on top of my purchase. Overall it has been an okay experience at Paul & Joe. I still prefer their makeup to their skincare range. Currently, if you purchase more than $100, there is a free (slightly bigger than A4 size) pink toto to giveaway. The pink toto's print is as per my picture above. So hurry!~


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