Presents for my birthday

I know you all are so nice to me because it's my birthday. Thank you.

from my colleague :)

registered post present fr Mr Q

from my friends at the BBQ night

and more presents

and one special present from my powerpuff gal

Apart from presents from my friends, I am also blessed with the following:

(1) With Compliments from Openrice: Mooncakes from Cova Pasticceria - Confetteria (Italian luxurious cafe)

(2) With Compliments from Cozycot: Vlee Conference Series

(3) With Compliments from SANA: The Natural Resource Skincare range

- will review after I use them - 

(4) With Compliments from GV: One e-voucher movie ticket (have not utilised yet, intending to watch Love Cuts 'Zoe Tay movie' with Meyinn)


  1. Hi Citrella, Many happy returns of the day. HAPPY BIRTHDAY.
    Remember, age is just a number. It's the light in your heart that counts....keep that light burning always. It'll make people around you feel warm.

    A birthday is just another 365 day trip around the sun, enjoy the trip, and don't forget to wear your Oscar de la Renta sunglasses.

    Wow, beautiful presents. You sure have nice friends who have good taste.
    For me, ahemmm, if under different circumstances, you'll receive a bouquet of 24 red and yellow roses, attached with birthday card will be a return air ticket to New York, one have a birthday dinner and dance at the Waldorf Astoria,
    And breakfast at Tiffany's. At night take in a show at Broadway...see 'Evita', or 'Madam Butterfly'.

    Of course,you will be escorted.....I'll be having the other ticket, *wink*. Ha ha.
    And Citrella, with your kind of fresh, warm personality, a smile that can light up 23 chandeliers...hope the sprinklers don't go off at the Waldorf Astoria.

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY, CITRELLA! My very best stay young, stay beautiful and keep a song in your heart. Lee.
    PS, guess who's coming for dinner? Drop by my place, see who.....ha ha.

  2. Wow! You've got so many gifts. They look pretty even with the wrappers on! Happy birthday to you. I'm late over here but nonetheless, hope you had a great day. Can see from the BBQ party yo had fun and your parents sound so sweet. BTW, my mum saw you recently right? She said you're learning dancing with your FH and as usual, always praise you for your demeanour and sweetness. =) She asked me if I've got your contact no. as I said we do keep in touch online. Heh...

  3. HAppy bday sweetie! I'll pass u ur gift when I c you alright?!

  4. Thank you Uncle Lee :)

    Jolene, yup I bumped into your parents. Your mom has slimmed down quite abit. I can give you my hp number via facebook inbox if you wan :)

    Thanks Dblchin. Actually, I just need a hug from you. Dblchin hug for a dblchini fan. Maybe an autograph would be bonus. Hehe :)


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