Review: Various Cleansing Foam

Firstly, thanks to Cara from SANA. After attending her workshop, I realised the importance of the cleansing ball (green ball in my pictures below). It helps to create super fine bubbles, which will help to penetrate in the pores to remove dirt & excessive sebum effectively.

After a while, I get addicted to creating the bubbles every time I wash my face. My cleansing routine is lengthened by one minute but because I get cleaner face after each wash, it's worth it :)

I am going to review on the various cleansing foam and gel and cream below. I even took panpan's cleansing wash for experiment (foam type and gel type). Let's start with men's wash first.

Loreal Vita Lift Cleansing Foam (Men)

Can foam well

Garnier Aqua Fuel Gel Wash (bought in HK)

Can foam too but the bubbles are not as thick and foamy

Somang skin shower gel wash (♥♥♥)

I bought this in Hong Kong's SASA. This can foam quite well too but the foam is not the thick and creamy type. It doesn't have the "clean" feeling after wash but I love the rose scent very much.

I'm going to review on these facial wash which I have been using as well. The AHAVA cleansing cream is a cream-based wash and it doesn't foam on me. Cleansing cream said to be suitable for dry skin.

can foam very well (♥♥♥)

Kose Softymo Hyaluronic Acid Cleansing Wash is a cream type make-up remover which penetrates deep into the pores to remove dirt, oil, and make-up. The Hyaluronic Acid contained in this product helps to restore and maintain the natural moisture of the skin from internal. It is non-fragrant and has the "clean" feeling after wash. Value for money *thumbs up*

can foam very well (♥♥)

Fancl's New Amino Hybrid Technology formulation makes it easier and faster to create creamy and dense foam which lifts dirt and impurities more effectively and prevents dirt from redepositing onto the skin. Fancl is a good foam wash. But for a cheaper alternative (non-fragrant), I will choose Softymo :)

foams a little (♥♥)

This foaming wash doesn't give the squeaky clean feel but it does keep the face clean and soft. It has a mild medicated scent though I can't make out exactly what scent it is. 

can foam really well (♥♥♥)

Natural Resource is under the SANA range. It can be purchased in SASA too. It foams very well and it creates the "squeaky clean" feeling after each wash. At the same time, it has the natural aroma of geranium, lavendar, rosewood, bergamot and grapefruit. It allows the skin and mind to relax with the refreshing fragrance.  They have another bottle which has the foam made for you. But I prefer to create my own foam. 

More about SANA here -

I didn't experiment on my Sebamed face wash, Avene and Eucerin gentle cleansing gel as those are used only when I have real problematic / ecezema skin. Even if they don't foam at all, I will use them when I need to.


  1. the man version looks perfect for me to use....foam one sumore...nice nice.

  2. Rachel! Where to get the cleansing ball thing to create foam ah? I wanna get one but dont know where leh. The only types I know to create foam are like small towels? Too big.

    And and, what does it mean when my skin feels tight? Esp when I'm bathing, and all wet. Like, the skin doesnt feel smooth but kinda like, rubbery? Dont know how to explain also. Too dry is it?

    Let me know? Thanks! :DD

  3. The cleansing ball is from Fancl. I got it free from them.

    When your skin feels tight, it means that it is dry and lack of moisture.

    Do you mean to say that after bathing, you don't feel that your skin is smooth? After bathing, the pores of your skin is opened. It is the best time to apply moisturiser / lotion on your skin (be it body or face).

    Still with a regime and try it for 5 days, you should feel the difference. For face will be foam wash, toner (Japanese brands call it skin lotion) and moisturiser.

    Btw when you mentioned 'rubbery', it seems that there may be lots of dead skin cells. You may also like to use a gentle scrub to exfoliate the skin once a week.

    Hope this helps.


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