Universal Studios Singapore (USS)

Talking about kiasu-ness, I had bought tickets online during the first week of July to USS after knowing that tickets were being sold out the day before your planned trip.

 If you have not been to USS, don't read on as I'll spoil your element of surprise.

The decorations along the streets are nicely done. I spotted a Betty Boop store and am so happy that they have this. Everything is so nice to look at. I bought this cap and panpan wants me to pose with the cap like this. He insisted that this pose is nice. *rolls eyes*

The queues were rather long (but acceptable) with 20-25 mins waiting time. We took quite a number of rides. (1) The Mummy's ride at Egypt City (2) Jurassic Park ride (3) Shrek's 4D(4) Lights Camera and Action by Steven Spielberg (5) Monster Rock 'live' performance amongst others.

Please wear poncho for the Jurassic Park ride. You'll possibly get soaked! (not just wet). And, do try The Mummy's ride. That one did scare me!

Photos photos

We went into a chocolate store with lots of Reese's and Hersheys stuff. *snap snap*

Then we realised that there's a sweet aroma coming from Garrett popcorn. We bought the cheese flavour. Small packet for $7! (That's two plates of chicken rice) It's not very tasty lor.

I'm not sure why there were many negative reviews on USS. I feel that the place is really nice (despite some of the rides not opened yet). Though we have a small land space, we have really maximised what was available. They even reduced the entrance fees because it's a relatively smaller area compared to the other Universal Studios. *thumbs up* Sadly, Singaporeans still complain.

The queue system, the design of the streets, the atmosphere and the performers are comparable to those standards of America's. It really brought back lots of happy memories. I went to Universal Studios Hollywood (i think is Los Angeles) during secondary school days with my family.

Some distinct differences would be:

  1. Weather (that time I went US for the rides, I had to wear thick windbreaker, woolen shawl, ear protector and hand gloves)
  2. Shops (every shop is real and open for business, whereas some shops in USS are fake with no entry and false doors)
  3. The King Kong 3D cum bridge breaking experience that me and my sis shared. 
  4. Size of burgers (US burgers are of the same, if not larger than those of Carls Jr's)

Overall, it had been a good experience. I was wondering whether I should buy an annual pass leh ;p I wanna go back there again. *feeling nolstagic*


    1. i find the place a rather lovely place too... the only complaints are not all the rides are opened yet & the short operating hours... will definitely go again though but maybe much later...

    2. lovely trip...u give me a glance of universal...will go there next year....bring my baby boy there...

    3. For those who wants to go when all the rides are open, it should start in Nov...

      Inside news...The rides were not spoilt, but rather, it was too "traumatic" for asian riders, that's why, they had to tone it down. Too many people puked after the ride.

      Guess asian's appetite for such rides still need some training.


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